What therapies do you use with clients on the spectrum please? @GiulianaWheater #AskMiss

@AutismTalkAspie I use my adapted/refined massage, Indian Head , special yoga for autism, meditation, mindfulness, positive growth mindset activities, play therapy & reflexology . I also create sound &sensory/immersive guided journeys .

@GiulianaWheater Can we start with Indian Head massage Miss. What is it and how can it be used with people on the autism spectrum? #AskMiss

@AutismTalkAspie There are even areas of the head which can stimulate empathy , reading/processing faces ,social cognition , language , mental flexibility & sequencing instructions !!!!

@GiulianaWheater I know you have written a book on the subject. Do you have a link to more information? #AskMiss

@GiulianaWheater @JessicaKingsley @Singing_Dragon_ You mention Mindfulness Miss. There does seem to be confusion about it. Could you introduce it to our readers? #AskMiss

@AutismTalkAspie @JessicaKingsley @Singing_Dragon_ Mindfulness encompasses breathing techniques , being absolutely present in the moment ,mediation as well as mindful exercises . It is a vast topic . It is also within yoga . It boosts & fires up the 32 trillion cells which are controlled by our subconscious

@AutismTalkAspie @JessicaKingsley @Singing_Dragon_ Breathing activities to boost blood/oxygen to the brain eg dandelion,windmill,lion breath mindful eating where you slowly taste the food /fruit ,yoga poses,sound,careful listening,gratitude exercises, mindful games in nature eg spot 5red things 4green ,3yellow & guided journeys

@GiulianaWheater @JessicaKingsley @Singing_Dragon_ I'm very interested in the idea of guided journeys. What are they and how do they work for the autism community Miss? #AskMiss

@AutismTalkAspie @JessicaKingsley @Singing_Dragon_ They are guided meditations where I mindfully use words to take my clients on journeys/stories. I often make them sensory/immersive by using sound, instruments , even running taps feathers & leaves. This therapy brings focus, attention, problem solving, perspective & deep peace.

@AutismTalkAspie It’s hard to get it all in one tweet !! 11 years of experience & training ! Our children are born with much higher levels of cortisol / stress hormone so the 1st thing I do is get them out of flight or fight . Ease issues, build trust , put them in charge .

@GiulianaWheater You mentioned yoga Miss. Does this help for motor skills? #AskMiss

@AutismTalkAspie Absolutely .Also self awareness, interpersonal awareness, breathing (lots of our kids ‘reverse breathe’ or mouth breathe because of the higher cortisol levels in their bodies ). It also helps with body awareness & our ‘toe walkers’. It really helps emotional/social intelligence

@AutismTalkAspie I also work very much with the second or enteric brain which is the seat of meltdown, anxiety & overwhelm. This is where the back & face come in to the massage .

@GiulianaWheater Please could you share what you mean by enteric brain with our readers Miss? #AskMiss

@AutismTalkAspie It is the gut. It used to be our 1st brain as we evolved as humans & contains 90% of the body’s serotonin (happiness,confidence,self esteem hormone) & more dopamine( pleasure,reward,motivation hormone) than the entire spinal cord. It could run as an independent nervous system!

@AutismTalkAspie It is where we house dread fear meltdown excitement & anxiety. It speaks to the 1st brain through the gut brain axis & vagus nerve. The polyvagal theory comes into play .

@AutismTalkAspie I also show my clients how to self administer massage techniques as this leads to self awareness, self regulation & self management . It is all very empowering work . I also stimulate the higher brain functions, emotional & social intelligence as well as cognitive skills .

@AutismTalkAspie It helps with sleep issues by stimulating melatonin the hormone of sleep mood & aggression.Dopamine is key too as some of our children especially with PDA or adhd also - have lower levels of this in their bodies & it can be stimulated through the head neck(vagus nerve) & gut/back

@AutismTalkAspie My Indian Head massage actually includes the head,face,back,neck & arms so for each person they are in control of what they want. It’s trust.Our trillions of cells & the water in our bodies carry memory so I start by flooding the client with the happy/coping neurotransmitters