This is true, but hope is all you’ve got if you don’t have so much as $50 to spend on marketing.

@bhansmeyer Yeah everybody saying this is a bit... frustrating. Obviously this isn’t about a long term business strategy. It’s a bunch of us small indies who’ve been working towards the day one deadline with hopes for a nice little bonus check and profile boost for our trouble.

@bhansmeyer It *feels* (though probably not intended) like they’re saying “you’re dumb for trying to do this thing that doesn’t even matter.” But like, a feature in TechCrunch or 9to5 is a very real chunk of downloads that I otherwise would not be getting.

@bhansmeyer It’s nothing for a big or even medium sized app with recurring revenue, but for us part-timers the calculus makes sense for us to go after these I think? But I also get that we aren’t really strategically that important to Apple? Maybe I’m just finding excuses to complain 😅

@_chuckyc Exactly! A “nice little bonus check” is a great way to put it. Even if purchases flatten out again after that, it’s enough of a morale boost to keep us going.

@bhansmeyer Ah that assumption a lot of people have that every indie app is trying to become a million dollar business... when like, very few of us ever cared about that.

@bhansmeyer What about popular sites with patterns and all? Anyway to get them to talk about your app, or are they paid sponsors only? Seems like they’d love your app, and want to talk about it, since the niche isn’t heavily targeted for apps.