For anyone who is wondering, this appears to be one of the studies (the primary?) that @CDCgov @CDCDirector used to justify the new mask rules. The study does not even appear to have been performed on actual humans?

Hi, @MonicaGandhi9 , @WesPegden , @sailorrooscout , @sdbaral , @BallouxFrancois - anyone else? Would love some neutral opinions about this study. As of now, it was rejected once by peer review & now shows as 'revise'.

@angrybklynmom @MonicaGandhi9 @WesPegden @sailorrooscout @sdbaral @BallouxFrancois I don't think this study was the one that contributed to CDC's thinking. There is apparently some heretofore unpublished data out there on viral load.

@sailorrooscout And 'Dr'DingDong is going on a victory lap proclaiming he single-handedly got the CDC to reverse itself and masks will fix everything, while ignoring the fact that any impetus to get vaccinated just went out the window based on garbage data. *facepaw* The st00pid, it burns.

@ncanarchist @angrybklynmom @MonicaGandhi9 @WesPegden @sailorrooscout @sdbaral @BallouxFrancois CDC was up front about the limits of that study, but yeah, we don't use those vaccines so they are irrelevant.

@ncanarchist @angrybklynmom @MonicaGandhi9 @WesPegden @sailorrooscout @sdbaral @BallouxFrancois I agree because it deceptively lends weight to the argument when it actually adds nothing at all.

@AstorAaron @angrybklynmom @MonicaGandhi9 @WesPegden @sailorrooscout @sdbaral @BallouxFrancois Honestly we all need an explanation. Especially since Indian cases have gone down using OUR vaccines... this is also when Delta was running amok there. It's not like we're dropping like flies here!

@ncanarchist @AstorAaron @angrybklynmom @MonicaGandhi9 @WesPegden @sailorrooscout @sdbaral @BallouxFrancois Because they are too lazy and incompetent to do their own research. They only have 15,000 people working there and haven't even investigated whether or not the 300+ children that died of covid-19 had preexisting conditions or comorbidities

@AstorAaron @angrybklynmom @MonicaGandhi9 @WesPegden @sailorrooscout @sdbaral @BallouxFrancois Hahaha yeah okkkk, we all believe you. That makes sense! Of course, why would they be talking about a US vaccine?

@angrybklynmom @MonicaGandhi9 @WesPegden @sailorrooscout @sdbaral @BallouxFrancois OK -- I read it. I am indeed a scientist. Looking at this, I'd say "so what?" Other researchers have been saying Delta is more infectious, etc. But that won't change the tools available to us. And the paper does comment on vaccine efficacy. They still work.

@angrybklynmom @MonicaGandhi9 @WesPegden @sailorrooscout @sdbaral @BallouxFrancois Apparently the viral load data is forthcoming. Hopefully soon. Not just for CDC credibility but to see the duration of high viral load in vax breakthroughs. If it's just the first day or two post-infection, it wouldn't be surprising.

@angrybklynmom @MonicaGandhi9 @WesPegden @sailorrooscout @sdbaral @BallouxFrancois Around July 25-26 we hit “2000” covid cases daily again. Today I noticed that the amount of covid cases for the past week have been retroactively reduced in NYS/NYC. What do you make of this?

@angrybklynmom @MonicaGandhi9 @WesPegden @sailorrooscout @sdbaral @BallouxFrancois What vaccines? If they were not Pfizer, Moderna or Astra Zeneca I’d say they are dubious at best

@angrybklynmom @MonicaGandhi9 @WesPegden @sailorrooscout @sdbaral @BallouxFrancois Oh my God. It's a model with massive uncertainties. For the love of God, can we stop with the models.

@angrybklynmom @CDCgov @CDCDirector Sadly, the study not being performed on actual humans would be nothing new for CDC recommendations...

@angrybklynmom @AWokeZombie @CDCgov @CDCDirector It was also rejected after peer review. Now they’re scrambling to get it re-reviewed so they can accept it and pretend this never happened.

@angrybklynmom @AWokeZombie @CDCgov @CDCDirector they want us to believe a study that was not actually done on humans? umm no thank you. don't believe anymore of the lies they spew to us daily.

@angrybklynmom @CDCgov @CDCDirector Why do you think it was one of the studies "used" by the the CDC to support mask use? How many other studies were "used"? Did they study actual humans? What makes you think this is/was the primary study?

@angrybklynmom @CDCgov @CDCDirector And are you insinuating that Indian people aren't human. Mad racist!

@angrybklynmom @CDCgov @CDCDirector I'm not a scientist, but when did "modeling" become a complete substitute for real world observations? I have watched for over 18 months as these "scientific" models have proven to be utter garbage over and over again.

@angrybklynmom @venivici27 @CDCgov @CDCDirector Pathetic. But, par for the course. Fricking 🤡🌍

@angrybklynmom @CDCgov @CDCDirector "Indeed in vitro, the delta variant is less sensitive to neutralising antibodies *in sera from recovered individuals*"