@EmishawEskedar One of the guy in front of Wollo university was a long time resident of Dessie… the city needs a major clean up..

@TheodrosN Exactly! that is whats happening all over the cities where they have residents who are informants with weapons & make the town's folks leave with misinformation. One must not forget they've been preparing for this for years.

@TheodrosN @EmishawEskedar እነዚህ ሰው አይደሉም አውሬ ናቸው። አውሬ ደግሞ ካምፕ ተሰርቶለት ለብቻው በ አጥር ውስጥ መሆን አለበት ለሰው ደህንነት ሲባል!

@TheodrosN @EmishawEskedar You gonna face the International Criminal Court in the Hague , the Netherlands , for the ethnic cleaning you have ever committed .

@EmishawEskedar Every Banda should be identified and pay the price! Expose them! No mercy!

@EmishawEskedar Essential infrastructures inside the town , including this University , had been built by them; and, therefore , it's nothing surprising if they reclaim their properties !