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Jigawa yesterday was massive.

Almost missed the trip as I’d got into Abuja only same morning but @officialKolaO, knowing of my special love for Jigawa, gave up his seat so that I could attend the #PDPJigawaRally.

I just had to see the Jigawa-PDP affinity firsthand, and I saw.
I was mentally prepared for the crowds from frequently monitoring PDP activities in the state from afar - what I wasn’t prepared for was a personal army of loyalists.

I met for the first time, @AySarRng and we were practically together as I took off on my own to explore.
@AySarRng has a group of young men who knew my political thoughts quite well although they’re not on twitter - apparently, he reads my tweets to them.

We all had sumptuous lunch together at his family home - our own mini-PDP rally of brothers united by politics.
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On #LGNWA...

Tuesday last week: Atiku Abubakar was in 5 States campaigning and consulting, (6 if you count abuja) came to Lagos on Tuesday night, held several consultative meetings that same night then woke up on Wednesday morning to an 8am strategy meeting.
At 10am that Wednesday, he had an economic interactive session with the business community then met with the creative industry leaders.

Same day, he had 5 interviews with leading international media houses - Reuters, BBC world, BBC Hausa, Bloomberg and Financial Times.
At 7pm same Wednesday, Atiku met with the Christian Association of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter before flying out of Nigeria at 11.25pm, on a British Airways to London, enroute to Washington DC for various meetings with top officials in the US over the electoral process in Nigeria.
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When in December 2017 I tweeted this, some people felt one was doing too much with the insinuation until Buhari himself confirmed it in his recorded interview earlier this week.

Proof that sometimes, those who hate evil understand it more than those who worship and practice it.
If you force yourself and listen well to Buhari in extended interviews, he always references how his case ended up at the Supreme Court everytime he lost elections and then insinuates that he didn’t get Justice.

The man has been nursing a secret grudge against the judiciary.
His disdain for due judicial process is not only a sign of his inability to work with either facts and figures or logic and proof, but a sign that he wants to arrogate to himself only, the power to make laws, accuse people of breach and find them guilty.

Just like in 1984.
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Anybody telling you the North-West is a lockdown for Buhari forgets a few things:

That there's a State there called Jigawa.
That there's a PDP Leader there called Sule Lamido
And that his son, Alhaji Mustapha Lamido, is the youngest Senatorial aspirant at the age of 35.
God Willing before the Presidential Election on February 16, I will be in Jigawa for a few days of campaign with my friend, San Turaki.

Anybody waiting for an heavenly signal to indicate #BackToDaura2019 as a Reality has missed it - Buhari will lose woefully.
The ‘black face’ man in the first minute of the video is also an older friend, contesting for HOR from one of the Federal constituencies in Jigawa - Hon. Ali Ganza.

Jigawa is the state to use as a test for any predictive analysis: anyone conceding it to APC is an amateur.
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I’m often surprised that the process of politicking is still a mystery to many outside the political process despite our best efforts to expose, demystify and open up the process as much as possible and within limits to people outside it.

Everything in politics is political.
For one like me who chose to be in politics, understanding the history of Nigeria from a political perspective was important so that I could clearly decipher/interpret whatever was going on per time and position accurately for it.

So let me tell you how Ekwueme emerged VP.
NPN emerges as the only Nationalist party in the Second Republic and carefully balanced offices to uphold the principle of Inclusive Governance.

The North chose to be a single zone and the President was zoned there, Party Chairman to the SW, SP to SS and VP to SE in 1979.
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Since @MBuhari is using the @NGRPresident handle to run quasi-official business such as defending lying and corrupt officials of the Presidency:

I suggest we commend @bukolasaraki for not doing the same with @SPNigeria and -

It’s clear Buhari and his aides know no boundaries.
The precedents set by Buhari must quickly be jettisoned as an anomaly lest this record of abysmal leadership becomes the standard for future Govts under the guise of “shebi Buhari did the same”.

It is crucial to send him #BackToDaura2019 so that Nigeria can move forward quickly.
The aberration of these four years of fake change and APC and Buhari must then be erased from our national memory - if there’s any good to be taken, we’ll take it.

But no future @NGRPresident should ever use @MBuhari as a standard except they’re prepared to fail as Buhari has.
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“Buhari,do work and fulfil promise of change”...
He didn’t.

“Osinbajo, do work - uphold rule of law and fix economy”...

He didn’t.

Now they’re using fine babes for door to door, five months before elections.

Na dem dey rush us but #BackToDaura2019 is a reality.
“Hello Sir, do you have a PVC?” While batting her eyelids.

“Yes I do and I intend to vote Buhari out in 2019” you reply, noticing the despicable APC logo.

“Oh sir”, she says, smiling seductively, “Can I convince you otherwise?”

God punish devil in this Nigeria please 😭😭
To clarify for the sake of bloggers - these ladies are recruits by the APC to carry out door to door campaign activities for their party and Candidate Buhari.

Pixes sourced from one of their whatsapp groups and posted here to let them know we know everything.
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The impending defection of a top Kano chieftain of the PDP to the APC is top on my mind this morning and I feel we should place it in the accurate context of the unique Nigerian polity, as best as one who understands the polity can.

And also unravel and analyse what is going on.
Two important things to explain first of all: firstly is that the business of Govt must continue even as politics takes over and the onus is on the Recessionist APC Govt to ensure that Nigeria does not fall into a recession again in the last quarter of this year.
Secondly: it is a shame that the APC was last week celebrating rumours of James Ibori’s defection and it proves one thing - that the only people APC minions label corrupt are those in PDP who refuse to join them or those who leave them.

They were ready to canonise Ibori here.
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The recent attempts to implicate serving senators such as Dino Melaye and Shehu Sani in criminal cases seem to me to be the culmination of an agenda of some within the ruling APC and in Buhari’s Govt to delegitimise the legislature in the eyes of the masses.
Many had unwittingly (or knowingly) served this agenda by ignoring the excesses of the executive while castigating the legislature - which is not comprised of saints, I must add - but this new dimension reveals the game plan to castrate that arm of Govt and render it impotent.
The calls for the scrapping of the legislature entirely or of one of the arms of it betray a lack of understanding of Democracy and I hear Yele Sowore also echoed same sentiments at his townhall meeting earlier this week in Abuja.

We should educate them a bit about this:
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This move to show us the humane side of President Buhari is daft, dumb and wicked.

Daft because the best he can do now to show this is to address us on #FuelScarcity.

Dumb because if you have to package it for us, it’s not obvious.

Wicked because it is insult upon injury.
Millions of Nigerians are either buying fuel at exorbitant prices or queuing up at filling stations during a festive period.

Our worst Christmas period before this one was December 2015 - worsening economic conditions plus #FuelScarcity which lasted long into 2016 - the longest.
In May 2016, fuel prices were hiked and we were told subsidy was no longer being paid.

Some of you rejoiced,

Demola warned.
Demola wrote a public article.
Demola ended it with a prediction -…
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