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Analyze FTX's BTC-MOVE contracts (Currently in Beta)

2 Sep 20, 11 tweets

Volatility Monitor Beta is now live! I've added BTC-MOVE contract statistics, open interest, significant trades, strike prices, historical expirations and more! Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point. --> volmonitor.io @FTX_Official

1/ The top ticker section shows the daily, weekly and quarterly contracts that are closest to expiring. It also provides info on the contracts's BTC strike price and it's predicted expiration value.

2/ BTC-MOVE Term Structure is modeled after the VIX term structure and allows you to visualize how traders are speculating on BTC volatility in the future.

3/ Current BTC-MOVE Contracts shows all contracts listed on @FTX_Official and their relevant statistics. The 'open' price is the close of the first 1min candle for each instrument.

4/ Total Move Open interest is an aggregated total of all the BTC-MOVE contract's open interest updated every minute.

5/ Significant Trades allows you to analyze the largest BTC-MOVE trades that occurred on currently listed contracts.

6/ Strike Price Chart is a quick way to see where the current BTC price is in relation to the Daily and Weekly strike price.

7/ Daily Expirations By Day gives you historical context on where BTC-MOVE contracts tend to expire by day of the week. (Short Vol Sundays is a thing).

8/ Expired Contracts is a glance at how Daily and Weekly BTC-MOVE contracts have expired over time.

9/ Last but not least, the bottom section is a full archive of every single BTC-MOVE expiration and both is searchable and can be filtered by day/year.

This is the first beta release of volmonitor.io - please expect bugs. If you have any feedback please feel free to DM me. I also don't plan on monetizing this. If this is helpful for you and you want to support:

BTC Address:


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