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4 Apr, 6 tweets

How Youtube censors something they don't want you to see?
For example this video from Uncle Damo debunks how BBC made reports on Xinjiang Cotton:

1/ You will stuck on a black screen. Youtube won't you let to see the content unless you get age confirmed.

2/ This is only a debunk video, no violence, no drug, not a single explicit contents. But you just need to confirm you are an adult.

Do you think click the "confirm" button with your birthday filled on your google account is enough?
That will not be called "Censorship"

3/ You have 2 options: One give your credit card information to google while they have nearly all your basic information if you use any of their service especially Gmail.

4/ Or Option 2, Scan your identity card, give your REAL Identity to them. This demand is a more aggressive. BTW: years ago eBay suspended my account & tried to request my identity card in name of “against fraud”. I closed my account and enjoy other e-commerce platforms without pb

5/ Will you, for just watching a video, give your real identity to a company that has been fined multiple times by EU for not respecting user privacy?

Nope, So they ensured no one will watch that "disgusting" video. or they will know WHO exactly has watched that video.

6/ At least I have Option 3: Bilibili
This content creator has 10K followers on Youtube, but 2.88 million on bilibili.

It is good to have own platforms. Every continent should promote local platforms. Who knows when a monopolized platform will do for political motivation?


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