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7 Apr, 13 tweets

(Money Heist)-Government's plan.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen. It's good to have you here. I brought you all here to discuss a plan that will need your Maximum co operation. We are the government of Kenya we'll need to pull of this heist perfectly...(Thread)


We are going to take the money of all the citizens reading this right now. We are not stealing... because the money doesn't belong to them it belongs to the country... we're only taking what is ours as the government which is also part of the country.....


The president will make a handshake with Raila which kicks off our major plan to pass the BBI. But for the BBI to be passed we also need money and great amounts of it. We will then have to borrow two loans after that 635B and another 235B.....


The first loan will be borrowed saying we have to improve infrastructure. But that's when our KEMSA friends come in. We shall say they have stolen the money but in real sense we'll be the one's using it to build the BBI that way the government shall not be the bad guys.....


Professor what if the first plan fails. What if we manage to get the money but still fail to pass the BBI in court. Our whole plan will have failed. And most of us will lose positions in the promised seats....


We will definitely be opposed by the court. And that's when the second loan comes in. We will borrow another 235B but this time our friends KEMSA will be on high alert. So we use another distraction..... oxygen tanks and the coronavirus......


Everyone will focus on KEMSA. We will tell the media we are investigating them but we won't. Meanwhile we will need kagwe to raise the covid-19 numbers which will make Jayden lock down the country giving him an excuse that the economy is failing.


Under such circumstances the IMF will have no option but to loan a "suffering country" more debt. We shall say to them we have to relieve the ones affected by the pandemic. KENYANS will ask questions but we won't have to say anything because we are the government


We will then be the only ones to import vaccines and that's an advantage because once we get the loan we shall say it was used in importations and other things meanwhile we shall visit the judges with money they can't refuse and they'll have to pass the BBI.


Our friend Raila will not immediately apply for presidency because he will get a seat once the BBI is passed. At the same time that will offer a distraction for the media making them not focus on the loan that we will be secretly using for our own agendas.


Once the BBI is passed we will be back in office. At least most of us. And then we will use the remaining money to lie to Kenyans that we are re building the economy and paying off some loans. This has to work perfectly with no errors.

End of thread

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