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8 Apr, 9 tweets

The Gates Foundation is the largest private donor to the WHO.…

Two quotes from the US National Intelligence Council's report The Global Infectious Disease Threat and its Implications for the United States (2000):…

Frederic Taylor Gates was the principal business and philanthropic advisor to David Rockefeller.

It is not a coincidence that Steven Taylor's book Psychology of Pandemics: Preparing for the Next
Global Outbreak of Infectious Disease was published right before Covid. In his own words (17 March 2020):

With regard to vaccines, he says in the book: Nice choice of words, Steven. The herd. Not the community, or collective, but herd. It seems the Taylors and Gateses play the role of shepherds in this case.

Robert Michael Gates is a former Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (1983–86) and Director of the CIA (1991–93).

Gates White McGarrah II was the first president of the Bank for International Settlements and his grandson Richard McGarrah Helms was a former Director of the CIA (1966–73).

Bill is clearly part of one of the most influential and evil families in the world.

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