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8 Apr, 11 tweets

@China__Focus Sorry @China_Focus, but you have been caught lying.

The 700 tests ILI samples from the Wuhan Xiehe Hospital - not from the WIV (which anyway has 590 staff and students).

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From Annex D7 of the China-WHO study report:

@China__Focus @china_focus @franciscodeasis @Tantalite The WIV did test some lab staff in April 2019 and March 2020.

It should have tested all 590 staff and students, plus construction workers.

Given that the prevalent IgG+ rate in Wuhan was about 4.4% at the time then there would have been positive tests.

@China__Focus @china_focus @franciscodeasis @Tantalite First let's be clear that the prevalent IgG+ rate was around 4.4% in urban Wuhan around April 2020
(95% confidence interval: 4.0%-4.8%).


@China__Focus @china_focus @franciscodeasis @Tantalite The let's me show you the probability of 0 IgG+ (positive test for pas Covid-19 infection) amongst 590 staff and students at the WIV:

@China__Focus @china_focus @franciscodeasis @Tantalite Let's try again with the lower value of the confident interval: 4%.

Let's say that the WIV was a bit lazy and tested only 100 students and staff (which make the test quite irrelevant actually):

1.7% is one chance in 60.

@China__Focus @china_focus @franciscodeasis @Tantalite Said otherwise people at the WIV MUST have tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies (IgG) in March 2020.

Either a ridiculously small group of people was tested (17 people gives 50/50 chance of 0 positive with a 4% background rate) or the whole story is just lies.

@China__Focus @china_focus @franciscodeasis @Tantalite Now going back to that paper…, it's interesting to see that 'Informed consent was waived because de-identified data were used.'

Basically no need to ask people for consent as data is anonymised.

@China__Focus @china_focus @franciscodeasis @Tantalite But for some reason the joint-team mission could not have access to raw data due to the very strict privacy laws in China.

Not sure how that works - since you can apply a waver with anonymised data, as was done for that paper.

I call that a LIE.…

@China__Focus @china_focus @franciscodeasis @Tantalite Maybe that explains why @DrTedros lost patience with all the nonsense and foot dragging from the Chinese authorities.


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