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2 May, 10 tweets

May 2—Qom, central #Iran
Massive blaze erupted at a local industrial complex & reports show a chemical factory was the center of the fire.
-Several factories were burning
-A number of firefighters suffered injures; one fire truck engulfed in fire
-Blaze under control

May 2—Qom, central #Iran
Considering the fact that the entire area is filled with heavy smoke it is highly like that the industrial complex will be shut down & evacuated.
The smoke could be very toxic and the local fire department has said the status quo is critical.

May 2—Qom, central #Iran
The fire led to explosions at the site that resulted in highly flammable chemical substances spreading to various areas and even under a fire truck that was then engulfed in the fire.
Authorities are asking for help from other entities.

May 2—Qom, central #Iran
More on the ground footage of the blaze at a local industrial complex.

It is very troubling how close such a sensitive site is to residential areas and how many people are at risk of the toxic smoke that is spreading.

No official reports of any deaths.

May 2—Qom, central #Iran
At the beginning of this video a loud sound seems to resemble an explosion at the industrial complex.

May 2—Qom, central #Iran
More close-up footage of the massive fire that reached the edge of nearby roads.

May 2—Qom, central #Iran
More close-up footage of the massive fire.

Six injuries reported, including two members of a local fire fighting department.

Fortunately no deaths reported as of yet.

May 2—Qom, central #Iran
Aftermath footage of today's massive blaze.

Quoting @TheIntelLab:
"The chemical plant north of Qom appears to use hydrocarbons compounds (typical smoke color), probably manufactures polymers related materials such as polystyrenes, polyethylene, PVC etc... Other 'exotic' compounds burn differently and violently."

An official in Qom, central #Iran, says yesterday's blaze left over 25 billion rials ($112,000) in damages to the local power distribution network.

Images of the aftermath.

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