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10 Jun, 8 tweets

1/ Criticism must come from within, so I am calling this out for the manipulative disinformation that it is. It says that the equality act will harm the unborn. That is false. I have looked at data as far back as 1500, mainly from 1800 to the present.

2/ You provoke fear in the public so that they carry out your political will and it is an abject abuse of power. The "global gag order" supported by the Catholic church and Christians flooded religious groups with funding. Many of these groups violate their tax-exempt

3/ status by interfering with local politics on-site, like HLI in the Philippines and South America. Headlines from disinformation outlets tell people how terrible it is that we repealed the Mexico City policy and you justify it at great length. IT INCREASED ABORTIONS BY 40%

4/ Other groups spread patently false disinformation about vaccines. How dare you pretend to care about life and justice. How dare you oppose equality while we still live with the devastation wrought by the doctrine of discovery. How dare you mislead people for political gain.

5/ You shield your abuse of power in concern for unborn babies and fear of persecution, but the very policies you champion are built on still more lies. Right now we are seeing systematic efforts to deprive Americans of their right to vote and you say nothing.

6/ People must know the truth to make decisions with free will. Perhaps you know they won't react the way you hope if they heard everything, so you do not trust them with the unvarnished truth about the harm you do. cbsnews.com/news/miscarria…

7/ My qualm is not with sincere belief. That is not what this is about. Your disinformation robs people of free will. Then you tell the faithful the moral decay of society is attacking the church when it is the toxic abuse of power that they flee. AMDG

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