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10 Jun, 7 tweets

Now reading the III-Percenter Jan 6 conspiracy indictment (h/t @SeamusHughes), which is going to fuck up my table. Does this plan look familiar?


@SeamusHughes The FBI thanks you for your self-identification.

@SeamusHughes The FBI thanks you for laying out the weapons you brought to insurrection that made your luggage too heavy to check.

@SeamusHughes Both the bats and the hatchets will become important markers, both to people arrested in TX and maybe CO, but also people who got handed a bat on Jan 6.

@SeamusHughes We're going to see speakers and militia start to coalesce, I suspect, which will make the paid busses key.

@SeamusHughes These fellas didn't enter the Capitol ... because they were armed with those weapons the denialists say no one had.

@SeamusHughes This is a great summary of the import of this indictment. DOJ is working back into the organizers.

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