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11 Jun, 6 tweets

BREAKING: serving @Chicago_Police officer Karol Chwiesiuk breached the #Capitol.

He bragged about it...even claimed he knocked someone out night before.

Later texted: "N*** Don't snitch".…

2/ Narrator: in fact, Chwiesiuk s device location history snitched on him, before his texts could...

The complaint more or less tracks his every move from Chicago to the inside of the #Capitol.

3/ Interesting: complaint makes a point of showing an email Chwiesiuk got from Stop-the-Steal promoter Ali Alexander on January 5th telling people where to meet at the #Capitol #Jan6.

4/ Despite his stated concerned about snitches... Officer Chwiesiuk texted & selfie'd constantly from the #Capitol breach.

He also wore a @Chicago_Police hoodie

5/ Another interesting detail: device location shows Officer Chwiesiuk going to the #Capitol the night before the breach, too, and walking along the edge of the police barricades.

6/ Person to Chwiesiuk: "give it up...the man child lost"

Narrator: he didn't.

So much shade in this passage

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