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22 Jul, 13 tweets

2/First up: Listen to @AInfanteGreen's interview with @IanDon -- Fast forward in the link to about 11:40 and you will hear her LIE on 7/9/2021:
"...I know that here in RI we do not have a CRT policy, that's not what is being taught in the schools...."…

3/EXCEPT: We DO have a CRT policy here in RI, and not only that, it's being supported by @GovDanMcKee, by RIDE, and also by @SANDRISCANO (Chair - Senate Education Committee) and Joseph McNamara @RIDemChair - (Chair -- House of Rep Education Committee.) SITTING LEGISLATORS.

4/This RI state-sanctioned LEAP Task Force is responsible for figuring out how to improve RI school results, and how to spend federal stimulus money. Let's show what they believe first, then we'll show you how they plan to jam #CriticalRaceTheory down the throats of all RI'ers.

5/REMEMBER: this LEAP report was released in April 2021, and @AInfanteGreen stated in July 2021 that RI has no CRT policy. Oh yes, my Rhody pals, oh yes we do. Take note: @Nicoletta0602 @RamonaBessinger @SenLouDiPalma @LGillheeney @RICenterFreedom @rigopchairwoman

6/On Page 28 of the LEAP report, we see @RIDeptEd appearing to admit that systemic racism exists in our educational system. If that is true, it could be a violation of Federal discrimination laws and could result in withdrawal of federal funding. Which, btw, would be BAD.

7/On Page 29 of the LEAP report, we see the LEAP Task Force stating that their "Absolute Priority" is to view moving K-12 education forward "through an explicitly anti-racist, equity focused lens." This is CRT. Right here in 'Lil Rhody. But, that is not all they have planned...

8/RhodeIsland parents - get ready for more surveys about Social Emotional Learning and pushing #CriticalRaceTheory into your home. The proof? Page 34 of the LEAP Task Force Report. Want to know what those SEL standards are? Follow me for another, separate thread. #StayTuned

9/Ready for discrimination in hiring teachers? Ready for more segregation in schools? I hope everyone in #RhodeIsland is, because that is what is coming. View Page 35 of the Leap Task Force report.

10/Don't like what you've seen so far? Too bad. Page 38 of the LEAP Task Force report show state intent to ram CRT through regardless of how parents feel. They will try to do it through "policy and "regulation."

11/So hey @repmorgan, were you aware that when you introduced H6070 that would ban #CriticalRaceTheory in #RhodeIsland that the CHAIR of the Education Committee in the @RIHouseofReps was already on the LEAP Task Force determined to kill your bill before it even got introduced?

12/A final thought for all the corrupt #RhodeIsland politicians determined to segregate our students and our teachers and perpetuate the #CRT lie: not today. Not this year. Not in #secret. #notonmywatch /FIN

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