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22 Jul, 10 tweets

I keep seeing this golden egg thing in the Game Grumps play through of Grim Legends number (mumble), and I keep thinking DEMON CORE DEMON CORE


a wizard was trying to reassemble their magic ball when the wand slipped and they accidentally hit everyone within 25 feet with a Greater Fireball

anyway the reason I say "number mumble" is that the Game Grumps have consistently called it "Grim Legends 2"

but the title screen looks like this.
Grim Legends, The Forsaken Bride, Collector's Edition.
No mention of a 2.

and if you go look up Grim Legends 2 on steam or whatever, you'll see it looks like this, and is subtitled Song of the Dark Swan

while Grim Legends (1): The Forsaken Bride, looks like this.

in other words... they've been wrong about which game they've been playing this whole time.

you can figure that out without even leaving Youtube.
it autofills in the subtitle "Song of the Dark Swan" because it believes them that they're playing Grim Legends 2, but we saw on the title screen that they're playing a game subtitled "The Forsaken Bride"

so yeah.

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