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12 Sep, 15 tweets

So Called "Pasmanda" Activism is an Anti Muslim, Pro Hindutva Project

Meet Pasmanda (read:Hindutva) activist Fayaz Ahmad Fyzie

"BJP aur Pasmanda Ka Milan Desh Me inqalab la sakta hain"

List of propaganda,

They used word "Ashraf" and "Muslim" interchangeably

Muslims are the root cause of every problem.

RSS's Muslim Rashtrya Manch is good, other Muslim organisation are bad.

Muslim want to keep communalism alive.

RSS is socialist reformist organisation.

Caste = race

Islam claims to be raceless

Muslim/Islam bad, hinduism good.

Meet H Nesar and Amana Begum Ansari

"Mujhe 2002 main samjha diya gaya tha ke Muslim nahi julha hu"

Amana is frequent guest on the podcast of national president of Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha, Abhinav Parkash

Amana begum and her pasmanda (read: Hindutva) activism/propaganda


Band, Baja, Barat.

Kala Kutta, Gadha, Aurat.

UCC and TT law is good.

Non existing "Pasmanda" women facing same horrors (r@p€/sexual h@rr@$ment) from non existing ashrafs.

Deflect criticism of majority towards Muslims.

Muslims are manufacturing hate crimes against their own identity.

So called "Pasmanda" is safe/free till Hindu is a majority.

Muslim are B!g0ts and P movement will stop bigotry among Muslim.

Mullah, barka_daadhi, Jaali topi waalas.

Anti CAA protestors are s!ck pedoph!les.

Modi is Muslim reformer.

Meet Amana begum and her pasmanda (read: hindutva) activism/propaganda


Band, Baja, Barat.

Kala Kutta, Gadha, Aurat.

TT law and UCC is good.

Lynching is "clashes between the communities", real victims are dindus.

So called pasmanda struggle to own a piece of land because of sunni waqf board and so called ashrafs

Don't hate RSS, modi isn't fascist.

Barelvi isn't allowing Ahle hadiths into the mosque is casteism

Muslim are polygamist, ban halal, Triple talak, polygamy.

*Hindu practicing polygamy*
Amana begum: "Whatever works for people"

Brahmin priest r@p€d, k!II€d and cremated minor dalit girl.

Amana begum: "Yes Muslim are the casteist society"

RSS: good, Indian Muslims: bad

Amana begum: (without proof) Muslim are polygamist, ban polygamy and halala.

*dindu practicing polygamy*
A B: "Whatever works for people"

Dindu priest r@p€, k!II€d and cremated the minor dalit girl.
AB: "Yes, Muslim are the casteist society"

RSS: Good, Muslim: Bad

Muslim guy is behind #SulliDealsApp ...Muslim men don't create app but they do it on ground, ethnic cleansing and abduction.

There is no #Islamophobia_in_india but dinduphobia is real.

Muslims are getting k!IIed in India because of Muslims only.

Promoting LJ propaganda.

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