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14 Sep, 29 tweets

Medical specialties as Met Gala 2021 outfits - A 🧵

Palliative Care: Kim Kardashian

Pediatrics: Frank Ocean

General Surgery: Grimes

OB: Rep Carolyn Maloney

EM: Leon Bridges

Anesthesia: A$AP Rocky

Ortho: Ciara

Family medicine: AOC

Psych: Maisie Williams

Pathology: Pete Davidson

Urology: Normani

ID: Dan Levy

Vascular Surgery: Megan Fox

Plastic Surgery: Lil Nas X

Dermatology: Also Lil Nas X

Radiology: also also Lil Nas X

Oh wait no this is Radiology: Evan Mock

Trauma Surgery: Cardi B

Toxicology: Kim Petras/horse paste

Allergy: Serena Williams

Ophtho: Virgil Abloh

Crit care: Erykah Badu

Neurosurgery: Iman

GI: J Lo

Internal medicine: Batman

ENT: Quannah Chasinghorse

OMFS/dental: Gabrielle Union

Patients: CL

Admins: Whoopi Goldberg

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