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Oct 15, 2021, 9 tweets

Immensa Health Clinic Ltd who tested 43,000 PCRs for Covid-19 incorrectly was:

🧪Awarded £119,035,000 contract
🧪Without tender
🧪Of your money
🧪Incorporated 3 MONTHS AFTER
🧪Start of Pandemic

No evidence of faulty PCR tests.
It's not "NHS Test & Trace", it's Tory £37Bn T&T.

Why didn't we know about this before deaths? Because the MSM will not INVESTIGATE what the Government does.

Journalists are controlled by Tory Donors.

@BylineTimes knew in November 2020 these people were charlatans. Tory Controlled MSM is killing people.

These 4 men control 75% of UK Newspaper circulation:

Johnathon Harmsworth
Rupert Murdoch
Evgeny Lebedev
Frederick Barclay

All of them are promote the Conservatives policies and fail to investigate Government corruption, Tax Avoidance or Lies.

All Avoid Tax.

All Tory Linked.

If they had investigated, they would have seen that the sole Director of Immensa Health Clinic Ltd is Andrea Riposati.

He is also the CEO of Dante Labs since 2016. Dante Labs provide PCR travel tests

So the CEO of a firm that provides PCR tests sets up his own company to do it.

Dante Labs are under investigation by the CMA for:

❌Not delivering PCR tests and/or results on time or at all
❌Failing to respond to complaints or provide proper customer service
❌Refusing or delaying refunds when requested.
❌Using T&Cs which unfairly limit consumers’ rights

The Conservatives are:

1. Stealing your money (which indirectly kills you)
2. Failing to stop the spread of Covid-19 (which directly kills you)
3. Hiring fast-track, set-up on-the-side-by-rich-elites companies that, when you have Covid..

4. Fail to tell you you're being killed

We are going to document, analyse and act on these 4 Newspaper empires

We are going to dismantle the web of lies published by 75% of UK mainstream media

We are going to boycott their revenue streams and cut off their funding with @StopFundingHate

This is how we weaken Tory MPs

At the same time as this propaganda network is defending from the exposure of their propaganda, we will challenge the Tory MPs. Two teams in a co-ordinated attack

They will be unable to respond coherently to the allegations of propaganda and protect the Tory MPs at the same time

The key to a small group (5000+ of us so far) succeeding to weaken a £Multi-Billion propaganda network is co-ordination.

We will co-ordinate our operations from GOV2.UK to create a campaign resistant to any single point of failure to bring Truth & Democracy home.

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