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Nov 3, 2021, 13 tweets

The Bitcoin Matrix:
This thread explores the mysterious and miraculous consistencies that have occurred across the 3 bull cycles of Bitcoin. At the core is divine mathematics which Deepak Chopra described as a reflection of the values of the cosmos. 👇
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1. First let's begin with the mathematical theme of an average of 2013 and 2017 we see playing out in the 2021 cycle. The initial point of interest being the gains to the upside for the first half of the bull run:

2. When the mid cycle drawdown came around, everyone was screaming Elon and manipulation. Whilst I don't doubt these two things were in play, the drawdown was almost an exact average of the previous 2 cycle's. And touched the golden ratio for the third cycle running:

3. Thus one could argue, everything happened as it should. Bitcoin did exactly as intended, exactly as it had done in the 2 previous cycles by visiting the golden ratio. See @misconfig_exe for the full golden ratio breakdown.

4. Furthermore note on point no.2 mid cycle has always converged over the month of July. This was first noticed by @irandall13. Regardless of which month the Bitcoin halving is in the year, all cycles converge on July for mid cycle.

5. This symmetry around months also occurs for Q4, each cycle has entered the mania phase on October 4th which lasts until the peak of the bull market:

6. Now let us look at the 3 waves out of mid cycle, originated by @jclcapital. In both previous cycles there have been 3 waves into cycle peak. In 2021 we are currently midway through wave 2, the consistency is remarkable:

7. Diving deeper into the waves we can see that price so far in all 3 cycles does not trade below the peak of wave 1 up to the cycle peak:

8. Furthermore we can also see that in both previous cycles it was almost exactly a 58% gain from the peak of wave 1 to the peak of wave 2, this would put us at 84k around Nov 9th - 15th for 2021:

9. (1/2) In conclusion, the symmetry and consistency of Bitcoin across the bull cycles is clear, I do not have the answers as to why this occurs but I believe it is very important to be aware of this information as it can be a vital tool.

10. (2/2) Looking ahead we are watching for the wave 2 peak of 2021 to match with a 58% gain explained above and for all 3 cycles to converge around December for the cycle peak as they do for mid cycle in July. I project this cycle peaks around Dec 25th.

11. For more information on my cycle peak projection, wave 2 in depth analysis and much more work on this cycle see my pinned tweets. Also check @JesseOlson and @TechDev_52 for more matrix as 2021 follows the price action of 2017 post mid cycle.

12. Any retweets are greatly appreciated, this thread took about 3 hours to put together but it is always a pleasure to do so.

My full model for references purposes, watch for the theme of this cycle being a mathematical average of the previous 2 to continue for the final leg:

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