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I have been addicted to the Washington Bullets/Wizards since I was nine years old, going back to Earl "The Pearl" Monroe and Wes Unseld with the Baltimore Bullets! Then when they won the NBA championship when I was 18 . . .

So here are the top 10 (plus five more) Washington Bullets/Wizards of all time!

10. Phil Chenier - 19.7 PPG, 3.0 APG and 1.6 steals, he was an offensive and defensive work horse. He had the most beautiful jump shot ever. His number 45 was retired by the team.

9. Juwan Howard - One of the best picks the Bullets made, he averaged 18 ppg, and had a career high 22.! PPG. He made an immediate impact on the game for my team.

8. Jeff Malone - the number ten pick, a great slasher and mid-range player, he averaged 24 PPG before he left the team. His late aunt, Vivian Malone, integrated the University of Alabama.

7. Antawn Jamison - this former North Carolina Tarheel held the squad together for many years, including a term as team captain.

6. Bernard King - OH MY GOODNESS Bernard King was a welcome light to my dear squad! His intensity could be felt in the roof. I love his relentlessness. I think I only missed a handful of games when he was with the team.

5. Gus "Honeycomb" Johnson and Walt "Bells" Bellamy - Johnson was a rim wrecking rebounding high-flying great. Check out Bells' rookie year numbers - 31.6 PPG and 19.0 RPB. INSANE.

4. Bob Dandridge - This smooth, slick scorer and defender, a SG/SF, graduate of HBCU Norfolk State and NBA Hall of Famer was what was needed to help us WIN AN NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!

3. Elvin Hayes - Never missed a game, had an unstoppable turn-around jumper, this scorer, rebounder and defender gave everthing he got every night. NBA Hall of Fame and also top 50 All Time.

2. Earl "The Pearl" Monroe - Trivia question. Who's the first Black head coach to win an NCAA basketball title? If you said "John Thompson," you're wrong. That would be Clarence "Big House" Gaines of Winston Salem State University - led by Earl Monroe.

WSSU won the NCAA Division II championship, led by Monroe's 41 PPG while shooting over 60% from the field - with no 3 point shot, and no shot clock. When he came into the league? He brought the spin move, and the FUNK! Hall of Fame, NBA top 50 player.

1. Wes Unseld - Number two overall pick, one of only 2 players in the NBA = Rookie of the YEar and MVP in the same year. THe other? Wilt Chamberlain. At 6'6", he was one of the strongest players in the league and the rock of the team. NBA top 50, Hall of Fame.

Five more: Greg Ballard (RIP), Richard Hamilton, Caron Butler, Larry Hughes and Chris Webber.

Yeah no Gilbert Arenas - and if you don't know why, just ask anyone who loves the Bullets/Wizards!

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