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🧡🧶🎠 #TOBIN: let’s kick her and steal her bike

Nov 24, 2021, 30 tweets

is this a good time to post my thread on jill ellis being the worst person in the world

omg i’ve been waiting months to compile everything on this hellacious monster 🤣 please lmk what i’m missing #ussf #ussoccer #woso #uswnt #nwsl

punishing pinoe for kneeling in support of BLM

obviously seemed to be some sort of pattern

essentially forcing whitney engen’s retirement. a lot of her teammates were shocked by this and i’m pretty sure it caused her to leave soccer altogether a couple months later.

a lot of people think she pushed an early HAO retirement too

closing the door on syd after she gave birth to cassius

she seemed to have a pattern of making up her mind about certain players and then completely sealing them off. kling, kealia, kristie, ali are just the ones that come mind

this… just sounds like blatant abuse

say what you will about ali’s play, completely blocking her out of ANY contention for the nt when she was at 98 CAPS…. is just evil imo

generally making horrible coaching decisions, e.g. putting incredible players in random positions (this clip is about cheney) crystal was definitely a victim of this too

i think this ^ contributes to the team feeling like they needed to overcome her disaster class on their own, like syd says. also, evidence of being psychologically abusive on some level

psychological abuse:

+ seems like she attempted to do the same to ali:

more explicitly, making coaching decisions based on…… politics?

general apathy from the team when she retired

for example

+ (speaks volumes when you consider she was syd’s coach since she was FIFTEEN)



benching one of the best uswnt forwards for YEARS (christen press wbk) not much else to add here just incredibly bad coaching

supporting a biennial WC despite lots of players and veterans speaking out about how physically/mentally taxing it would be

“you’re not a coach until you’ve been fired” is so gross on so many levels it’s hard to put into words. this is definitely a ussf + league-wide issue

every tongue raised against becky sauerbrunn shall fall

consistently “let me just pluck this player out of the role/position they’ve trained their whole lives for and then gaslight and punish them for not instantly being world-class”

(only instance i could find🙄) so many players mentioned how nice it was to see their teammates SMILE again once vlatko joined… the bar was so SO LOW

just actively praying on everyone’s downfall

this email was sent to players in (checks notes) …2016. THREE YEARS OUT FROM THE WC she’s already determined players that will get NO chance of proving themselves. after droning on about how everything she decides will be performance-based, her mind is already made up…3 yrs out

does anyone else hear clown music?

the federation protecting jill from credible claims of underperformance/abuse

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