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Jan 12, 13 tweets

One of the fake elector signatories is known for radicalizing the Michigan GOP. She is now co-chair of the MI Republican Party. 1/ metrotimes.com/detroit/how-a-…

Let's revisit Meshawn Maddock, who was working for the Trump campaign's "Women for Trump" in 2020. 2/

Remember when a militia stormed the Michigan Capitol over COVID restrictions in 2020?

Yeah, she was connected to that. 3/

It's worth noting the similarities between this protest on April 30, 2020, and the Jan 6th insurrection. The MI protest started on the Capitol lawn, with a confusing number of groups involved, and ended with representatives hiding in fear. 4/

The rally was hosted by the Michigan Conservative Union, which is run by Tom Norton. He is now running for the House, is a former Green Beret, and is endorsed by Mike Flynn. 5/

The people plotting to kidnap Governor Whitmer were at the rally. The Proud Boys were there. The Michigan Liberty Militia was there. 6/

Brandon Straka was there. 7/

Militia members were hired as security. 8/

This rally was preceded by multiple "drive-in" protests (called "operation gridlock") led by Amy Kremer and Meshawn Maddock. 9/

Another fake elector signatory was also an organizer of operation gridlock. 10/

Amy Kremer said she "can't control what people do" at these rallies. The Trump campaign said these rallies were "in no way affiliated" them (wink, wink). /11 abcnews.go.com/Politics/pro-t…

Then Trump tweeted to incite the protesters. 12/

It ended in this. 👇

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