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Feb 22, 19 tweets

This mac for sale on ebay has caught a minor case of The Ring.

It's here.
It's an SE/30 that doesn't boot, and doesn't include a mouse or keyboard. 240$ OBO…

BTW that's entirely the wrong font. I am not yet making a Macintosh System dialog generator.

ok I fixed the font. It was bothering me.

this'll be the first generator I have to do in MacRoman

whoops I extracted it


fun fact: this font isn't actually in Mac Roman?
Mac Roman is based on the original macintosh character set, which is what's used here.
The main difference is that Mac Roman has characters after ÿ, since it has a full 256 characters, not just 217

although I don't think MacRoman officially has any of these symbols here, in the <32 area

mapping the apple symbol to🍎 because fuck the private use area

you're supposed to use U+F8FF, . Apple does, at least.
And twitter too, apparently?

that's the last codepoint in the Private Use block.
Fileformat dot info renders it as... the logo for the Klingon Empire?

yeah that's... a slight problem

kinda hate that twitter hates this resolution

I could embed it into the background?

I wonder if it looks better at 2x size, like my generators usually do?

good fuck me lord, NO

this is my favorite kind of retro computing bullshit
hypertalk has a built in "dial" command, but it just makes beeps.
But it makes the right beeps to make your phone dial that number

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