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#Trump admin, #GOP: Please stop lying. We have the receipts.

Trump cult: Please stop citing Christian values as you support this cruelty. You make a mockery of the religion you claim to fervently follow. You know dang well this isn't how Jesus wanted us to treat each other.
As one who attended Catholic grade school all 6 years, I had the Bible and Jesus' words drilled into my brain. What the zealot "Christians" are espousing as religious values on people who are "different" than you - immigrants, LGBTQ, etc. - is a far departure from The Word.
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#Trump has ALWAYS employed the tactics of #SunTzu in business, so of course he would similarly apply them to this, the biggest of stages, with literally EVERYTHING on the line.

#GreatAwakening #QAnon #PatriotsUnited #MerryChristmas
The ability to create/dictate confusion (a fog of war if you will) gives you a decided advantage while your opponents are left guessing/reacting. This keeps them off-balance and mistake prone.

#TheGreatAwakening #MAGA #AmericaFirst
The fact is that when everything seems out of control and chaos abounds...#Trump is in his element...which is the point. So, when the moment is ripe, we can expect the hammer of justice to fall hard/overwhelmingly on the #DeepState like the hand of God.

#WWG1WGA #PatriotsFight
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#Trump said his Russian business efforts, including during the campaign were "Very legal" and "VERY COOL."

HAHAHAH....yep, I sure do agree with that. Very cool, indeed.

Of course, most of the media have no clue, though some of them do, b/c some have reported the truth.
Well, sommanab*tch! The link I saved from one of the media outlets that knew seems to be gone. Of course I couldn't archive it because it was WaPo. They wouldn't let me archive it.
Well, here's another one, by Buzzfeed, no less. They KNEW that Trump worked WITH the FBI, yet they participated in the conspiracy against him to frame him as the guilty one.…
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#Trump And I have heard for many years -- what's the worst trade in the history of sports? Babe Ruth,19-year-old pitcher, for $100,000 and a 35-year-old third baseman

He was 24 not 19
He cost $125,000
No 35 year old third baseman was included in the deal.

Babe Ruth was "drafted" as a pitcher.

#FactCheck There was no draft in Ruth's era.

Ruth hit his home runs in the "dead ball" era.


The dead ball era famously ended with Ruth's emergence as a slugger.
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#Trump's last campaign rally of the 2018 mid-term election season is scheduled to start in about ten minutes. It's his THIRD rally of the day. Dude is likely exhausted and I doubt this rally will be less "speech" and more "incoherent tirade".
At any rate, here's the thread for it! Follow/mute at will!
Current Pre-show music is the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil." I couldn't make this up if I tried.

#Trump #Truprally
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#Trump-mais il n'est pas le seul (cf. ci-dessous)- démontre aujourd'hui qu'il n'a rien compris au #MeToo, et à ses revendications. Bien sûr, #Kavanaugh est présumé innocent de l'accusation mais le président en fait 1 victime, tout en taisant la parole de l'agressée. Frappant. RT+
#LastRT Et quand l'ex-président #Bush, pourtant retiré de la vie publique et très discret, ne sort de son silence que pour défendre #Kavanaugh par principe AVANT MÊME que la victime ait pu s'exprimer, là aussi rien ne change.…
#LastRT Encore 1 fois, #Kavanaugh est présumé innocent, il n'y a aucune preuve apportée pour l'instant contre lui. Et l'accusatrice n'a pas encore confirmé qu'elle témoignerait au Sénat. Mais comment s'en étonner si sa parole est tant minorée par avance?…
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#Trump’s nominee #Kavanaugh’s #confirmation to #SCOTUS is due tomorrow. Why is it dangerous and what to do: the last updates 👇 + comprehensive database of withheld documents by @velvetblade + action list.…
⬆ READ & SHARE: consider sharing; there are lawyers, journalists and other experts who might not have access to the information. RT or share on FB and Twitter with tags #StopKavanaugh #KavanaughConfirmationHearings
The most comprehensive database of the withheld documents available in the open sources and retrieved by a citizen journalist @Velvet Blade. ⬆ ⬆ ⬆
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#Trump en meeting dans le Montana suggère son approbation au représentant Gianforte pour avoir violenté et cassé les lunettes de @JacobsBen journaliste du @guardian. En pleine polémique sur la tribune du @nytimes rappel: pour #Trump, c'est 1 guerre à mort contre le #journalisme.
2) Et dans le même meeting, #Trump a accusé le @nytimes de haute trahison pour avoir publié la tribune anonyme contre lui. Il n'a cessé de faire huer la #presse par 1 salle chauffée à blanc...
3) Cette "radicalisation" du discours de #Trump sur la #presse interroge sur l'avenir des relations entre citoyens US et #journalisme, à court terme (la campagne électorale à venir n'est-elle pas celle de tous les dangers pour des reporters à qui il accroche 1 cible dans le dos?)
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#Trump ajoute la controverse en fin d'1 déjà bien mauvaise soirée pour lui par ce tweet où il utilise 1 dog whistle (message suggéré)clair. Traiter de"dumb" (crétins) le présentateur de CNN Don Lemon et la star du #basket #LeBronJames, tous 2 Afro-Américains"parlera"à sa base. RT
2) En 2017, le General Social Survey de l'université de Chicago établissait que les 2 principaux clichés racistes sur les Afro-Américains- idiots et paresseux- avaient la vie dure chez les républicains. #Trump n'insulte pas #LeBronJames et #Lemon au hasard…
3) Quant au "#IlikeMike" cryptique de #Trump à la fin de son tweet, il indique sans nul doute la préférence du président pour Michael Jordan, l'ex-star du basket #NBA dont le rang de plus grand joueur de l'histoire est aujourd'hui contesté par #LeBronJames...
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#Trump #Civility - Part I
#Trump #Civility - Part II
#Trump #Civility - Part III
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"UNLOCK the next mystery, get ready for the next adventure - you know who you are."


#nwo #TrumpTrain #CCOT #TCOT #DeepState #MAGA #PURGE #Qanon
President #Trump showed us #Qanon followers some love, and I saw one person on #CBTS on #8chan say, "love him"

I was about to cry... we love TRUMP!

#Pray4DJT #MAGA #TrumpTrain
Anonymous 12/13/17 (Wed) 15:30:36 5c0485 No.89759

Damn….I have never felt more Patriotic and Hopeful and Excited to be an American in my life! KNOWING that POTUS loves us and is throwing winks at us…damn I'm warm and fuzzy now!

#QAnon #TrumpTrain #QAnon
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#Trump was not elected president because he did not win the electoral vote via @RealTimBlack #TimBlackShow #Resist
#Trump used the same trick as George W did in Florida. By removing voters of color in 28 states, Trump supposedly won the electoral college.
#Trump is not our legitimate president, rather he's the Commander-in-Thief! via @RealTimBlack #TimBlackShow #Resist
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