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Finally, a journalist from @FoxNews, @johnrobertsFox has the integrity to protest this disgusting slander & suppression of the constitutional right of free press by the most corrupt @potus in history, @realDonaldTrump
Trump said “I do not take questions from @CNN ”. The pronouncements of @POTUS have legal status. The Furst Amendment prevents laws that suppress Freedom of the Press.…
#Trump is in conflict with the constitution. Of course, rather more seriously has took money from Kremlin money launderers and conspired with the Kremlin to rig the election. The evidence is profound. It is time for all responsible professionals in politics and media to turn
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.@realDonaldTrump determined to insult our PM. The divisive, dog-whistle rhetoric in his @TheSun interview is repulsive . If signing up to the #Trump world view is the price of a deal, it’s not worth paying
Hard Brexiteers need to wake up. The strings that would be attached to any deal with #Trump likely to be totally unacceptable to the majority.
Listening to @Jacob_Rees_Mogg on @BBCr4today failing to explain why it is ‘vassalage’ to have a set of rules both sides respect in a trade deal with EU but not with #Trump Do hard Brexiteers seriously think #Trump would offer us a good deal?
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1. Refreshing to see President #Trump taking a wrecking ball to the global order. It's long past the time - and the EU should pay for its vanity and hypocrisy. It wants all the status but none of the responsibility.
2. Our narcissistic leaders sign up to ever more virtue signalling treaties and green conventions with zero idea of how to implement them or what it will cost us - failing to listen to the experts and now Europe is buying gas from Russia to keep the lights on.
3. Quite rightly Trump doesn't see why US taxpayers should underwrite this folly as Germany fails to meet its NATO spending obligations and has a clapped out air force full of ancient unserviceable Tornados - all the while the EU provokes many of the security crises we face.
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#Trump Insists No Other Americans Allowed Into His #Putin Meeting. These two together unhindered, will destroy the pedo elite child traffickers, that's why👊Trump can't trust anyone with the info Putin has on these parasites.… via @intelligencer
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Well if Hannan and Vote Leave had such concerns at the time of the referendum shouldn't they have raised them with the @ElectoralCommUK ? Oh no, of course not, they needed the votes LeaveEU brought for the Tory Coup!
Hannan not prepared to work with Arron Banks (are you sure Daniel?) but all too willing to lift his britches for #Trump’s warmonger John Bolton.

What a shitty existence they all must endure.

Referendum night at Vole Leave HQ,
a random stranger with Hannan....obviously.
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1. In 1987 it is believed that #Trump was recruited by #SovietUnion, specifically recruited by Kryuchkov head of First Chief Directorate, a division within the #KGB who's primary responsibility was to gather foreign intelligence

#Trump #Russia #SovietUnion #Treason
2.Both Kryuchkov and #Gorbachev faced #Reagan as #President, and he was in the #SovietUnion´s eyes regarded as a very strong leader, the opposite of #Carter of #Ford, when dealing with them.

#Trump #Russia #SovietUnion #Treason
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#Trump's #America: This Is Just the Beginning

In the wake of the fatal mass shooting of @capitalgazette reporters, an editor at @splinter_news published voicemail threats he had received from Trump's supporters after reporting on @realDonaldTrump…
On Monday, editor @HamiltoNolan published a widely-cited piece predicting increasing backlash against individual members of the #Trump administration, after press secretary @SarahHuckabee Sanders was denied service at the @RedHenDC restaurant in #Lexington, #Virginia.
#Trump's #America: This Is Just the Beginning

“Watch your ass, watch your ass,” one caller threatened. “You’re going down, boy, cause sweet 16″ hunting knife to carve your ass up.”…
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#Trump #Civility - Part I
#Trump #Civility - Part II
#Trump #Civility - Part III
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This is a tweet Vanderbilt’s general surgery program forced me to delete:

“A patient did not want me to take care of him because of my race and my chief went along with it, asking me not to step into the room. #Trump

Then Vanderbilt’s unrelenting retaliation began.
My program director called me into a meeting with the hospital administration and coerced me into deleting the tweet. They said someone could identify who the chief resident was even though I obviously did not mention anyone’s name or any specific information whatsoever.
When I went to work the next day, the chief resident was visibly angry about me complaining about the discriminatory incident and maliciously gave me the worst performance reviews I have ever received. It was 0’s across the board in every category.
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🙋🏼I wonder now that people seem shocked CIA, FBI, Obama WH & Democratic leaders were all involved in taking down #Trump if the focus will FINALLY change from Carter Page to the failed June 2016 FISA attempt? COUNTERINTEL OP BEGAN BEFORE GEORGE PAPPADAPPOLIS! 🚨Hellooo?
After reading thread, maybe, JUST MAYBE, people will focus on what went on early 2016 thru the tarmac meeting to the FIRST FISA ATTEMPT. Warrantless surveillance, surveillance authorized by Prez thru AG, retroactive FISA filing. It happens ya dipshits.
🙋🏼FBI relied on Isikoff report to add to FISA filing. 🤔I wonder if Perkins Coie colluded w/ FBI in June 2016 to have Crowdstrike give their flawed DNC hack report to WaPo blaming Russia BEFORE giving it to intel community to verify. Hmmmm

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"UNLOCK the next mystery, get ready for the next adventure - you know who you are."


#nwo #TrumpTrain #CCOT #TCOT #DeepState #MAGA #PURGE #Qanon
President #Trump showed us #Qanon followers some love, and I saw one person on #CBTS on #8chan say, "love him"

I was about to cry... we love TRUMP!

#Pray4DJT #MAGA #TrumpTrain
Anonymous 12/13/17 (Wed) 15:30:36 5c0485 No.89759

Damn….I have never felt more Patriotic and Hopeful and Excited to be an American in my life! KNOWING that POTUS loves us and is throwing winks at us…damn I'm warm and fuzzy now!

#QAnon #TrumpTrain #QAnon
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#Trump was not elected president because he did not win the electoral vote via @RealTimBlack #TimBlackShow #Resist
#Trump used the same trick as George W did in Florida. By removing voters of color in 28 states, Trump supposedly won the electoral college.
#Trump is not our legitimate president, rather he's the Commander-in-Thief! via @RealTimBlack #TimBlackShow #Resist
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