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Hatte eben ein sehr interessantes Gespräch, was ich hier so auf #Twitter noch nicht gefunden habe, nämlich den überaus finsteren #Schachzug, den Trump mit der Aktion vollzogen hat!

Der Gedankengang wird etwas länger. 🤔 (1/20)
(Meine) Behauptung:

"#Trump hat die #EU in eine #Patt-Situation gebracht & verfolgt im Endeffekt einen geplanten #Verteidigungskrieg gegen #Russland" (2/20)
Der Rückzug der #US-Streitkräfte mit dem "Blahblah" ggü #Erdogan war strategisch genauso geplant.

#Erdogan ist charakterlich schwach genug, in diese #Honigfalle zu latschen. Außerdem muss er sich wegen seiner Wiederwahl in seinem Land als der großer Macker behaupten. (3/20)
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Trump announces he has canceled a secret meeting at Camp David with Taliban leaders set for Sunday – three days before the 18th anniversary of September 11 –after a car bombing in Kabul…
Thread from a pre-eminent expert on Afghanistan & former senior advisor to the State Department's special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. (h/t @metaquest)
.@BRRubin nailed it.

"At Camp David, separate meetings with each side would then lead to a grand announcement by Trump.

The Taliban leaders, however, compared the proposal to the Americans’ tricking them into political suicide."…
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#Trump’s #G7 Misstatements, Lies, Distortions #Propaganda
❌False excuse for skipping climate mtg
❌China called to restart talks
❌‘2nd thoughts’ misinterpreted
❌G7 leaders wanted Russia back
❌Putin outsmarted Obama re Crimea
❌1stLady knows KJU
❌Lost $3-5B on presidency
@CNN Great CNN graphic of Trump's #G7 distortions, lies & #propaganda missed a few Orwellian BIG LIES:
❌I don't care about making money
❌I don't do things for political reasons
❌I'm an environmentalist
Bombarding the public w/ absurd & provable lies is how fascists break societies.
@CNN By far the most disturbing thing Trump said at #G7 was reported in this piece by @PhilipRucker & @michaelbirnbaum: Going to the mat for Putin, Trump argued to remove #democracy as a core G7 principle. And became combative when the world's democratic leaders didn't agree with him.
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Trump Executive Orders:

1.) Order 13765

Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal…

#Trump #ExecutiveOrders
Trump Executive Orders:

2.) Order 13766
January 24,2017

Expediting Environmental Reviews and Approvals for High Priority Infrastructure Projects…

#Trump #ExecutiveOrders
Trump Executive Orders:

3.) Order 13767
January 25, 2017

Border Security and
Immigration Enforcement Improvements…

#Trump #ExecutiveOrders
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Trump totally insulted Ireland and the PM. First, he wanted the PM to come to his golf course for a state visit (even though it was approx 180 miles from the capital) and so instead they met at Shannon Airport. #trump #Ireland…
Then, just as the reinstitution of a border with Northern Ireland under Brexit has heightened tensions and fears of a return to sectarian violence, Trump comes in praising borders and walls. #trump #Ireland…
Finally, when asked if his trip to Ireland was just to promote his golf course, he said "this trip is really about great relationships that we have with the U.K" ignoring the fact that Ireland has not been part of the UK since 1922. #trump #Ireland…
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#Trump rally tonight in PA

I can’t wait to compare crowds to Creepy Joe’s recent shindig in BIG city Philly.
A whopping (LOL) 1,000 people in Philly 🤣😂
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Trump's been roasting Congress since 1993 lol
the first half hehe

Trump has been the same person ever since he's been in public eye, and yet, the American people still elected him...

When will the Democrats learn?
1999 - Roger Stone talked about the decision of Donald Trump to form a presidential exploratory committee. He focused on Trump’s membership in the Reform party, & Trump’s agenda for his campaign.
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#Trump campaign #BradPascale in #Romania makes me ponder a few questions:
-Using trip to influence US Romania emigrant voters?
-Purpose is to offer #socialmedia manipulation advice for #EU May vote?
-Perfect opportunity to meet with other election manipulators in the region?
Romanian American diaspora
Could Romanian media influence Romanian American voters?
As Romanian immigrants in America steadily increase, the population of Romanian voters might be heavily influenced by the strong ties to political and religious opinions held by leaders in Romania.…
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#Trump is going to speak in the Rose Garden any minute now. Is he going to lie a bunch about reopening the government? Is he just going to yell "no collusion! witch hunt!" over and over again? Both? Stay tuned!
Oh hell, #Trump is going to take questions too. This is going to be a sh*tshow.
#Trump is running about a half hour late. I wonder if he's spent this whole time on the phone with Ann Coulter, begging for permission to cave?
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#Trump starts his “major announcement” bragging about performing a swearing in ceremony in the oval office.


#Trump: Many mothers give their young daughters birth control for the long journey to America because they know they may be raped or assaulted.

The worst part of this? There’s no way to know whether it’s the birth control or the assaults that offend them.

#Trump is having trouble speaking. Somebody messed up his “Sudafed” dose.

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