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To anyone familiar with the David Lynch/Mark Frost production Twin Peaks,
(it's 2 Seasons(1990&91) & the accompanying Movie TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME(1992) & now the recent Season 3 Twin Peaks: The Return(2017)
The High School Yearbook picture of the pretty & sparkling Prom Queen Laura Palmer has become an haunting Icon of a promising young life stolen from the World far beyond her time by a brutal & savage act of murder.
Following FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper's determined investigation through 2 often bizarre & intense Seasons to identify & capture her Killer left Television audiences either humming Angelo Baldamenti's incredible title theme or changing the channel in disgust or frustration.
Sadly the latter appeared more common & the Show was cancelled after 2 Seasons requiring the Team of Lynch/Frost to write & produce the Movie TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME where they chronicled the last week of Laura's life as she comes to a terrifying realization
Laura is slipping into darkness & a corruption eager to embrace her & that darkness is wearing the face of her Father, a man possessed by a demonic spirit called Bob who's been molesting her since she turned twelve.
Laura is faced with a CHOICE=
To fall the the same evil & be possessed by Bob to wreak fear, pain & sorrow in the World to "feed" the Black Lodge or to reject them & face the consequences.
Can you imagine the harm a possessed Laura Palmer could have caused among her Friends & the Twin Peaks Community?
Laura, looking fully into the face of pure evil & realizing what denying them meant for her & still rejected them Her struggle was over. She had made her choice.
Resigned to her fate, she prepared for her foreseen death as her Friends, James & Donna tried to reach her.
Laura was abducted from a Sex Party she was having with Ronette, Leo & Jean Renault & taken to the train Car to be killed. Bob took Ronette as well, but she escaped(more on how, later)
After murdering Laura Bob/Leland covered her in plastic & set her body adrift
Forward to Season 3 which I just finished watching.
The ending stunned & shattered me.
The previous Episode had all been so promising, Cooper was back AS Dale Cooper & the Dark Mr. C had been defeated & the signs & energy of a final satisfying conclusion were building.
Cooper actually travels back to the night Laura's going to be killed by Bob/Leland & meeting her, convinces her to follow him=BREAKING THE TIMELINE. Laura doesn't die & to signify this we see her plastic wrapped corpse blink out of existence.
BUT! Before we get the Fairytale ending of a Valiant Knight saving a Fair Damsel THE BLACK LODGE intervenes!
Laura abruptly vanishes & as Cooper turns, realizing she's gone we hear an ear piercing SCREAM!
Having been denied her DEATH,
The Lodge moves to deny her LIFE.
Episode 18 was MIND-NUMBING.
The Car/Teleport sequence, Dale & Diane split up. Dale finds Laura Palmer who, having no memory of BEING Laura Palmer is now called Carrie Page, a Waitress who's been living in Odessa, TX since that night she vanished.
Cooper convinces Laura to come with him to Twin Peaks in Washington State & they drive there mostly in silence.
Upon arrival Cooper knocks at the Palmer's Door only to find a stranger answering. Sarah Palmer doesn't live there. SHE HAS NEVER LIVED THERE.
As Laura looks about in confusion agent Cooper wanders into the street in shock.
"What...year is this?" He finally manages to say.
Laura, looking again at the House she was raised in (because she IS LAURA PALMER but from the Original Reality WE"RE familiar with)
Suddenly Laura remembers an echoing, ghostly shout of her Mothers Voice calling out for her to get up for school "LAAAUUURRAA!"
Instantly Laura REMEMBERS!
ALL of it, Twin Peaks, Her Friends, Her FATHER, BOB, THE BLACK LODGE-Laura SCREAMS the same scream the night she vanished
The House goes black.
End Season 3.
Laura is alive with her memories restored with Agent Cooper in an alternate reality.
I'm hoping her sanity survived the shock.
Will there ever be a Season 4?
I have no idea, but after getting over my disappointment I'll share my thoughts
What IS Laura Palmer's ultimate fate?
There are 2 vital scenes that show us=
Scene One=Leland Palmer's dying statement in the Holding Cell reveals who killed Laura & why.
WHO=Bob, an evil Spirit that had been possessing Leland since he was a Boy.
WHY=When Bob discovered Laura had realized he was inhabiting her Father he had to act before she told anyone. She was given a CHOICE: allow him in or perish. "They wanted her," Leland wept, "but she was strong. She wouldn't let them in & they made me kill her."
This was a Battle not just for Laura's life, but her SOUL. In the Reality we're familiar with she was robbed of her life but retained her Soul.
In the new reality Cooper & Laura find themselves in she's alive AND if she retains her sanity she will retain her soul as well.
I have FAITH she will prevail.
Because of the 2nd vital scene=The Last Scene in FIRE WALK WITH ME. Up until the night of her death Laura was haunted, abused, struggling between Angelic & Demonic P-A-T-H-S.
A literal #SOULWAR.
The very last scene of the film is THE most important to me.
In the "Waiting Room" after dying Laura meets Agent Cooper.(The Good Cooper who can't go out yet)
He rests his hand comfortingly upon Laura's shoulder as he looks down into her face.
His face radiates calm&compassion.
Suddenly Laura sees an Angel floating in purest satin white with Feathery Wings.
An Angel with HER Face.
She begins to weep with joy.
Laura Palmer passed through her crucible, her own personal SOUL WAR to emerge victorious.
She lost her life but kept her Eternal Soul.
BUT, people will insist, the new Timeline means none of those events ever happened.
The Material existence only reveals in us what was already there, like a Sculptor sculpting a Statue. Michelangelo said the Pieta was already there, he was just UNCOVERING IT.
I have an unshakable faith that regardless of what reality Laura Palmer's resides in, her Final Choice is a constant that will ripple through the Universe.
A Survivor & Champion of the #SoulWAR
ADDENDUM: While reading more on the Production of FIRE WALK WITH ME I discovered the Angel that appeared in the Closing Scene was NOT Laura as an angel but the Actress Lorna MacMillan.
The significance of the scene comes from Laura's Secret Diary
Laura said she was afraid "the Angels were Leaving"
This was shown in the Film when an Angel seen in a Painting feeding 3 small children vanishes.
Laura, in horror, feels she's losing her battle with the Darkness & is unworthy of their aid.
In the Waiting Room the appearance of the Angel makes Laura realize she's worthy of redemption & that her refusal to submit may have cost her a Mortal Life but redeemed her Soul.
David Lynch set up Season 3's ending as a cliffhanger for a Season 4, but it changes nothing for me.
COMPANION VIDEO which breaks down this Thread & covers the most significant points of FIRE WALK WITH ME & Season 3 THE RETURN
(Sorry about the Green Screen in advance)
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