A lot of people have asked about the whistleblower complaint re forced/coerced/unindicated hysterectomies. That a horrible OB/GYN is doing this for money and/or eugenics by partnering with a private detention facility is sadly very believable. 1/
Many have pointed out the history of forced/coerced sterilizations and it is not always so far in the distant past. Here is a case from 2014 2/ sfgate.com/news/article/P…
A hysterectomy requires anesthesia and OR personnel so if this was happening frequently at one hospital it shouldn't be hard to investigate and maybe other people will step forward. Hospitals don't approve surgeries without knowing $ is coming in, so lots of questions 3/
It is possible these surgeries happened at a surgery center, that would be atypical for a hysterectomy, not tubal ligations. But fewer people to report.
It is also possible women don't know what surgery they had, so makes it harder to investigate. 4/
Could many of these women have had untreated GYN conditions so they were more likely to need surgery? Yes, but if these surgeries were medically needed and done correctly the women would have consented. Also, why didn't any seem to get non surgical therapy? 5/
With Medicaid there is a mandatory 30 day waiting period from decision for sterilization to procedure. But if there is a private contractor billing the government, this wouldn't happen. 6/
I can sadly see women being coerced into surgery if someone found a backdoor way to bill the government. I can also see some horrific OB/GYN practicing eugenics with a liberal assist from the detention center. Lots of horrible scenarios. Hopefully it's investigated quickly. 7/

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15 Aug
Re D & E procedures
When there is chorioamnionitis between 16-23/24 weeks this is the fastest and safest way to save the life of the pregnant person. As a politician when you vote against D & Es you are voting to harm women and some will die.
When there is fetal demise MANY pregnant people want a D & E so they don't have to witness the delivery of their dead baby. Taking D & Es away is harmful and cruel to these people.
Some people who need an abortion simply prefer a D & E. the outcome -- an abortion -- is the same wether induction or D & E. Distinguishing between the two is absurd and medically illiterate. It's a safe procedure and people should have options.
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20 Jul
Well, actually. No.
You are incredible uniformed or a liar. Which one is it?
Neither here nor there really, because I am about to take you to school.
First point @RepDLesko
Medical abortion can cause severe cramping.
You know what is worse. Labor.
Wanna guess what the pain of labor is equivalent to? Amputating a finger without anesthesia.
Second point @RepDLesko
A pregnancy isnt coming out of a uterus without blood, be it abortion, miscarriage, vaginal delivery or c-section.
With a vaginal delivery the blood loss is about 500 ml and a c-section 1,000 ml. Restricting medical abortion = more blood loss.
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11 Jul
I hate to say this but I think we need a 3-4 week hard lockdown including no air travel. I'm despondent at the time we have wasted, and I know we have no leadership to do this. But otherwise it is just going to be whack-a-mole with hot spots.
I think of what so many people have sacrificed in so many ways and this is where we are with over 133,000 deaths, people struggling with symptoms, and financial hardship.
The incubation period is 2 weeks. New Zealand shows a lockdown works. Their schools are open. They are back to normal with the exception of International travel. Their team is 5 million. I know that seems easier, but if they didn't get buy in from everyone it wouldn't have worked
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8 Jul
Each public dollar invested in family planning saves $3.80. This isn’t just by reducing abortion. Unplanned pregnancies have more complications and are more likely to be premature - prematurity is the #1 cause of neonatal morality and a huge driver of health costs 1/
Lack of access to contraception will result in more stillbirths and neonatal deaths. Reducing contraception access is literally pro death. Imagine wanting so much power over the uterus that killing fetuses and babies is a fine end result 2/2
There are so many valid reasons to prescribe hormonal contraception that I don’t just want to make it about pregnancy. But contraception is a cost saver. It’s a public policy no brainer. One NICU stay averted can save an insurer $1 million. That is a year of OCPs for > 16,000! 3
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29 Jun
The idea that we will have a coronavirus vaccine within 2 years seems unlikely to me. I think mumps was the fastest and it was identified in 1963 and the first vaccine was licensed in 1967. So 4 years. 1/
There are a lot more companies with a lot more technology working on a coronavirus vaccine, so that is good. But lots of people have been working on vaccines for other viruses - for example HIV or HSV - and still no vaccine. 2/
We still don't understand enough about immunity and coronavirus, so lots of vaccine targets to be tested. Basically, a lot of trial and error. This is a summary of targets from a recent study of a vaccine candidate. 3/ thelancet.com/journals/lance…
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3 Jun
I just read an old case report that made me gasp.
Mom is transporting chocolate agar plates from clinic to lab (used to identify gonorrhea, looks like chocolate is made form blood) with 3 year old. Pops into store. Finds child snacked on culture plates.
In the olden days (pre PCR) we used to swab the cervix rectum, urethra and/or oropharynx and plate it directly on a chocolate agar plate. Then, because gonorrhea dislikes oxygen, put it in a jar with a candle! When jar was full, off to the lab.
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