Porn is destroying individuals and society as a whole.

3 ways porn is holding men back

And 4 ways to kick the habit

And take back your dignity.


Your brain is constantly adapting based on your
Thoughts, actions, and experiences.

When you watch porn, you are hitting your brain with a rush
Of dopamine and other powerful hormones.
You feel relieved for a short amount of time before the
guilt and shame set in,(more on that later)

But because of that rush, just like a drug,
You will need another hit.
And not just another hit but a STRONGER hit.

Hence the downward spiral of looking for crazier

categories and requiring a more frequent habit.

Thus fucking up your brain’s pleasure center.
This surfing through the dark alleyways of porn sites

Will reinforce your brain to want these things you’re witnessing.

You will have crazy, unwarranted ideas of what sex is supposed

To look like because hey, these people are pros right?
Just like the news pulls you in with stories, the porn industry knows how to give you new vices

These categories are not indicative of what real intimacy is like.

They will have you wanting to try things because brain has been reinforced to want it.
You don’t want to have a threesome, bro.

Perhaps, your wife doesn't want your thumb in her ass

And for Pete’s sake, you certainly don’t want
Another man fucking your woman.

You’re just insecure and have been brainwashed
Into thinking that’s what you like.

Never, and I mean NEVER

Has a dude got done beating off and said,

“You know what, I’m really proud of what I just did”
Now you have no motivation to get laid for real.

No motivation to interact with the world.

No dignity to pull yourself up and get your shit together.

There is hope though.
All this addiction is is a habit.

A habit is just a behavior that has been repeated enough times to become automatic.

All habits follow the same path or loop.

Cue -> craving -> response -> reward.
Cue (you get stuck on a tough project), 
Craving (you feel stuck and want to relieve that frustration), 
Response (grab your phone and view porn),
Reward (you have satisfied your craving for relief)

Now getting stuck on a project is associated with jerking off.
@Jamesclear ’s Atomic Habits (INCREDIBLE BOOK btw)

Says there are 4 ways to stop a habit.

Make it:

DIFFICULT (response)

Make notes when you feel urges.
If you can’t watch GOT without getting the urge,
Maybe watch something else or find something
To help you recover and refrain in the future.
Change your environment to make good habits more obvious
and bad habits more invisible.

Self-Control is fleeting

Changing your environment is much easier
It is already unattractive.
We’ve covered the guilt of how you feel when you get done

So focus on habits that are attractive and how to do those more
and make the bad habits unnatractive.
Good habit Example: I feel peace when I meditate, that’s why I do it everyday.

How to think about pornography: It is a waste of time, energy, and self-respect,
Therefore, I am giving up nothing by not doing it.

Change the way you talk to yourself about it.
Find those times where you are alone and have the urge.
Figure out ways to fill this space.
If you keep yourself from having that idle time,
You have made it much more difficult to give in.
Once again, porn is already unsatisfying.
You hate that immediate guilt when you are
Pulling your pants up and going about your day.
Substitute something that IS satisfying.
Ex. Workout to relieve that energy, listen to music, channel
Your sexual energy into something creative.*

*Rechanneling your sexual energy is a HACK and perhaps something to cover in a later thread
This is not an easy task if the habit is deeply rooted.

The deck has been stacked against you when it comes to
Porn, fast food, news, social media etc.
But just know this is a proven template that works for kicking any bad habit and you will be successful if you implement it.
So take back your dignity.
Go Super Saiyan.

This is no different than cutting poor eating habits or spending too much time on social media,

But the increase in self respect when you overcome it is unmatched.

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