@myogiadityanath government has successfully demolished illegal construction on 100 bighas of Forest Department land which was done by a Pir of Pakistani origin. Yes you read it correctly, Pir of Pakistani origin. THREAD c/-
In 1964, a Pir from Pakistan came to India and was able to secure 100 bighas of Forest Land on lease near one of the holiest Hindu teerthas, Shuk Teerth, the place where Shrimad Bhagwatam was narrated by Sage Shuka to Emperor Parikshit C/-
Now just imagine how compromised the secular cabal which ruled India must have been. We as Indian citizens need permits to travel in forest areas. We know how hard it is to get any lease from the government. But this Pakistani Pir got 100 bighas of forest land from Government C/-
On this Forest Department land, this Pakistan Pir built a mosque surrounded by a fort like structure with 400 rooms. Yes 400 rooms. Nearby Shuka Teerth lies in ruined state. Remember that Hindu refugees from Pakistan have not been able to build proper huts for themselves C/-
In 1979, Muzzaffarnagar District Magistrate granted Indian domicile certificate to this Pakistani Pir. Let us remind ourselves again about the plight of Hindu refugees. To secure citizenship for them, Hindus suffer riots, calumny and abuses of all kinds C/-
In 2009, this Pakistani Pir with his wife was nabbed for FEMA violation but no action happened. m.etvbharat.com/hindi/uttar-pr…
Local villagers narrate the suspicious activities inside the fort of this Pakistani Pir operating on Indian land. We in this country have a flagship govt program to ensure that everyone gets LPG connection. But this Pakistani Pir had supplies of truckloads of LPG and diesel. C/-
Trivia: Pir Sahab from Pakistan has 3 wives: one from Pakistan and Afghanistan each. C/-
This case is an stark example of what the so called secular forces have been up to, what kind of connections they have, what kind of sponsorship they enjoy and the kind of forces they patronize. C/-

• • •

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28 Jul
Outrage against poor Faiz Khan and others like him proceeding towards Ayodhya is totally misplaced. He is taking a big risk on his life by deviating from the ways of Islamist mafiosi. We should respect him and protect him. Secondly, he is not coming on his own. C/-
People like Faiz Khan should be given a respectable place at the ceremony. He is taking Sri Ram's name. Goswami Tulsidas wrote about Ram Naam: "भाय कुभाय अनख आलसहूँ, नाप जपत मंगल दिसि दसहूँ" Though it will be good if he is not made to participate in Karma Kaand part of things C/-
It is a matter of fact that throughout history some muslims did fought from Hindu side against Islamist forces, in some cases more valiantly than Hindus. Abdullah Khan Gardi fought more valiantly at Panipat than many big Hindu names. We can't deny these facts. C/-
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11 Jun
We miss you #Mavia but we treasure your valued gifts- we hereby present you the “Maalik of Chammb”. Ironically, he too was a headmaster before this assignment- how cute is the similarity with Burhan’s father. How can fate be any different, kiddo!
We welcome you Rana Sahib to Chammb... but with an advise- don’t u dare to fly any chopper. No it’s not about exploding mangoes- why waste mangoes, when our boys can do Ifthikar Janjua on you... Naah but we won’t- we will meet you in Chammb! #Mavia Image
And Rana Sahib, this time it will be more devastating for you than what it was in 1971. Notwithstanding your daydreams, we promise that Indian armed forces will run down*Muhammad Gafar* of Northen Light Infantry....I say chaps! #Mavia
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29 May
The only way to push back China from eastern Ladakh is deployment of maximal force with clear display of will to use it if need arises. Chinese should not be given luxury of being at psychological ease that India will hesitate from using force. C/-
The force here means all kinds of military assets and not just the infantry numbers. China just could not be allowed to forcefully keep changing the status quo every decade. C/-
This is not war mongering. No big sovereign nation like India can allow any other country to forcefully swallow its territory every second decade. Chinese will have to understand this at all costs. If China has opted so, then it will have to suffer with us. C/-
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28 Feb
Thread: Video emerges capturing pre-riot preparations in an Islamist neighborhood. All age groups involved. Watch carefully.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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28 Dec 19
A real life story in the context of this "Go To Pakistan" story. Thread:-

During partition riots whole country was burning and violence had started to spread to U.P. Muslim League President of a District in U.P. was giving incendiary speeches and planning to trigger riots C/-
Collector of this District happened to be an aristocratic Thakur officer. He called this Muslim League President to his official bungalow for a meeting. Neta ji happily reached Collector's place thinking he will ask for his cooperation in maintaining peace. C/-
But during the meeting Collector asked Netaji to immediately stop all separatist activities in the District. Neta ji refused. So, Collector Sahab got meeting room locked, took out his rule and beaten up Muslim League President Sahab. Neta ji was terrified beyond his wits. C/-
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16 Jul 19
I am distributing Quran verses. Plz support #DistributeQuran.

"Surely those who disbelieve from among the People of the Book and from among the polytheists– will be in the fire of Hell a seed of which unbelief bears, abiding therein. They are the worst of creatures." ~Quran 98.6

Indeed, those who disbelieve - never will their wealth or their children avail them against Allah at all. And it is they who are fuel for the Fire.

~Quran 3.10
Those who (knowingly) conceal and reject Our Revelations, We will land them in a Fire to roast there. Every time their skins are burnt off, We will replace them with other skins, that they may taste the punishment.

~ Quran 4.56
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