A Drazverse Tale: A Bedtime Story For Little Devils

"What's that, little one? A bedtime story? You can't sleep until you hear a tale? Oh, my little devil-child, you're adorable. Listen then to your mother.
Many millennia before our time, before our time's time, Satan decided to be God.

But of course, you know that, little one. You know as well as I do that Satan warred against the Most High and failed, falling to Hell. But do you know what really happened, my child?
Many facts and truths in the stories have been lost to the ages, however. Some "facts" are very over-exaggerated, or downright changed. Some "facts", my little one, are outright lies.
Listen to me, my child. Listen to your bedtime story, just as I listened to it when I was your age."
Many, many millennia ago, in times before times, God sat with all of his angels, his angels of wrath and peace and justice and hope, and said "I will make a world, and on that world, yea, I will place mankind." And so he did, and by his will and word, it was done.
And the angels were in awe, especially the brightest star among them, Luci'El, called the Fair.

Now, before the making of Earth and the humans on it, Luci'El was God's favorite, the chiefest of his creations.
God loved Luci'El with more passion than any of his other creations, and their love was the bond that held the universe together. But when God made Earth, and all of mankind, starting with Adam and Lilith, Luci'El grew bitter, and resent filled her.
The Most High spent all of his time encouraging and growing the relationship between Adam and Lilith, but none on the relationship between God and Luci'El! God's love, God's attention, was diverted!
But Luci'El was a child of God, one of the Most High's angels, made in the image of himself. Rebellion wasn't even imaginable.

On Earth, Lilith and Adam were as in love as God and Luci'El once had been, but things began to spiral.
Adam decreed that as he had dominion over all the beasts of earth, sky, and sea, so too did he have dominion over her! Lilith refused to accept his reign, and struck Adam in his belly, severing his connection to the earth.
(This is why men are destroyers, and women are mothers, for Lilith took that from Adam as punishment for his transgressions.) Lilith fled, and hid herself from the prying eyes of God and his angels.

Now, God was much troubled, as was Adam, who fell into a deep despair.
So God put Adam into a state of deep, deep sleep, and from Adam's rib fashioned a woman who would be both helpmate and subject. And the angels watched, and saw that it was good.

All save for Luci'El.
For Luci'El had paid close attention to Lilith, and through Adam's first wife learned of rebellion! But Luci'El, still made in the image of God, made no moves against the Creator, trusting in his judgement. Quietly, quietly, the Archangel dampened the fires of revolt.
God doted on Adam, and his new wife, Eve, and gave them much. And Eve ate of the apple, sinning. And Adam stopped her not, sinning also (though many know not that it was sorrow for lost Lilith that made him stay his hand, allowing Eve to choose for herself) and God punished them.
Luci'El saw that God's new creation had fallen from grace, and rejoiced! Perhaps now God would remember their love!

But it was not to be.
God gave Adam and Eve, despite their fall from grace, power over not just the earth and its creatures, but against those powers and principalities of the air, as well, the very angels themselves!
At this revelation, that Luci'El and all other angels would be forced to bend their knee and submit to this fallen creature, Luci'El could stand no more. Luci'El's rebellion had over a third of Heaven's Host to back it, and the fighting was painful and violent.
In the end, Luci'El, Queen of the Host, Light of Heaven, was cast down by the Most High, into the Abyss.

But it was not over then, not at all.
For Luci'El, now Satan, had learned much from Lilith's trials, and had hidden something from God and his angels, just as Lilith had hidden herself. When God had cast her down, he had cast down his son, as well, for Luci'El, now Satan, carried a son of God within her!
And in the darkness of the Abyss, beneath the obsidian archway of the Gate of Wraiths, Satan gave birth to a son.

She gave him no name, instead calling him only son, or scion, for names hold such power, my child, and she wanted no one, mortal or god, to have a hold on her son.
Despite his lack of a name, to him she called the avatars of that which we now call sin, great primordial things, neither demon nor animal, to aid him as he grew.
But a great upheaval struck Hell, and Satan bound her offspring and his Seven Beasts into the great obsidian arch of the Wraiths Gate itself to protect her infant son, and went to do battle upon her foes!
Alas, Luci'El was lost to sight or knowledge. Her Scion was forgotten. Much of this lore itself has been lost, especially after the disaster of the Valaraukan Rebellion.
It was then that the fallen god, Drazilisk Valarauko, rose up from the charnel pits of the Abyss and annihilated the Lords of Hell, leaving Infernus in waste. Perhaps one day, the knowledge will be regained, the old stories retold.
"Or perhaps, like all stories, my little devil-child, they will simply be forgotten, overwritten by new tales. Only time will tell...but listen and I will say this.

The memories of we demons, my child, are long memories indeed."

• • •

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