To all those like @toadmeister and @allisonpearson who lie about the effect covid is having on hospitals.

I have sent you endless data - which you have ignored as (oddly) your version of "free speech does not seem to include debate.

I can now speak from personal experience
Following a drop in my sats yesterday, I called 111 - who put me in touch with ambulance services (as I am already covid positive).

About 1 am an ambulance crew (Nat and Becky - thank you) came & assessed me, then took me to the Countess of Chester under mild oxygen
They were from the Wirral - there were no units available for Cheshire for me at that time

As with most hospitals, Chester is segregated into Red (hot) zones and blue to avoid X contamination.

Over the course of the night, I have had a chest X-ray, ecg & multiple blood tests
To get better data, they also ran arterial blood tests - these are painful & can be difficult to take as they are from the wrist.

I have been injected with Dex and a full range IV - there may have been other things as well, I lost track
Key thing was to get my blood ox back to normal without the need for additional oxygen.

Thankfully they did - ambulance crew of 2, 2 doctors, 2 radiographers, 3 porters, several nurses - plus all the staff I am NOT aware of - managed to turn me around and back home by 8am today
I did get to speak to them - they are exhausted

They are worried about the known oxygen shortages

They worry about making errors because they are so tired

They are all - without exception - utterly bloody magnificent

NONE of them see this as normal
So, now with personal authority

@toadmeister @allisonpearson @IsabelOakeshott @MichaelYeadon3

Stick your lies and self serving shite sideways where the sun don't shine
To well wishes - I am fine

In many ways my symptoms are mild - I am not struggling to breathe, which a number in there last night were.

DO wear a mask
DO clean & sanitise
DO be smart lucky
DO follow sensible advice for as long as is necessary

• • •

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30 Dec 20
The most telling part of the Johnson/Starmer exchange this morning will be Johnson accusing Labour abstain/no voters of "Dithering & Delay"

This will be his millstone

Parliament WILL vote through this "deal" - as Johnson's dithering & delay has left no time for anything else
This is his legacy - not a leader, a fool who makes no decision until no options remain.

This is not my analysis - others have made it - but it is quite correct

His downfall will be his insistence of accusing others of what he is most guilty of.
In the New Year - when things get REALLY bad - he will try and say "but they would have been worse without MY deal"

The ERG will say that No deal would have been better

Labour will point out that Johnson himself Britain will "Benefit Mightily" from No Deal
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30 Dec 20
As I pointed out to @toadmeister - taking a number to make a point without understanding what it means is stupid

Or knowing what it means and choosing to ignore that, is mendacious lying

Allison is a troll - as is her paper

So lets destroy her BS

A major incident in Essex has been declared due to NHS pressures, limited critical care beds, staff shortages & too many admissions.

I asked a doctor if this meant code black, like Kingston

Their response?

We are used to black alert on occasions.

This is a different scale
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29 Dec 20
A Thread

OK - @toadmeister put up a tweet, with a stock which I strongly challenged as it was deliberately misleading

Toby asked for me to make counter arguments, and suggested me calling him to be no platformed reflected more on me that him:

After seeing the counter arguments, Toby did (to his credit) delete the tweet with the image - and redid the tweet like this

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28 Dec 20
Right - thought long and hard on this.

Yesterday we found out my son was Covid positive

Today, wife & daughter 2 also positive

Me, daughter 1 and 3 are all negative

No one is showing bad symptoms and I have segregated the house
No need for worry or suchlike - it is a big house and symptoms are mild.


The vast majority are not this lucky

So no whining about masks or sanitiser

Anything I have after this is going to local flats, maisonettes & care homes

We get through this together
I did not want to tell you all

And I do not want lots of sympathy

I want us all to think what we can do to bring this to an end

Because the government is doing sod all
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21 Dec 20
If you really want to understand Brexit, look at the currency exchange rate of GBP vs EUR

Up until the financial crash of 2008, 1 EUR bought you about 60p

Then it rocketed up to buying about 90p
SOME people - like @RishiSunak and Crispen Odey - made a mint from betting against the pound

Then things stabilised again - we got back to 1 EUR buying about 70p until 2016

So - money betters engineered another tectonic shift in the currency markets

Since 2016, 1EUR roughly buys you 90p

It is unlikely that the GBP will return to 1 UR buys 70p,

So the new game is to push the balance the other way

Expect 1 EUR to buy 1,3 GBP in 2021 to 2022

And guess what?

A few people will make lots of money

At the expense of the rest
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