1) Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber

2) People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn

3) Think by Simon Blackburn (intro philosophy)

4) On Liberty and Utilitarianism by Mill (easily sift thru discourses)

5) Contending Economic Theories by Professor Wolff
If I could go back in time for myself, I personally wouldn't change anything because I just went for the primary sources. Started off reading Greek Philosophy books and other PoliSci essentials like Machiavelli, Voltaire and Hobbes to get a feel of it all myself
Little did I know that feeling of alienation and disenfranchisement would send me down a powerful path of gaining crucial skills for effective self learning and becoming a bookworm.

I never stopped and just kept reading primary sources myself (not to flex at all btw)
Even in 2020 I continue to advance my personal education with Social Sciences and Humanities as well as re-learning Math from the ground up.
My 2021 reading list is:

1) Elements by Euclid

2) Critique of Pure Reason by Kant

and that's it since both are quite a lot to take in and take my time with. I struggle with both, but I like struggling because being challenged means that I'm learning well!
More on my list here

I think it's more important that people have critical thinking skills and exposure to as many ideologies and their machinations as possible to be able to effectively navigate daily discourses and especially advance their analytical skills to argue better
John Stuart Mill is especially one of the most encompassing people to read because a sizable amount of time we spend everyday discussing abstract concepts like liberties, freedom, and abstract ethics. Having Mill in your life simplifies a lot of this
Professor Wolff's Contending Economic Theories is a textbook that gives a proper definition to Marxism and thoroughly goes thru Econ 101 and more advanced Econ course material by helping you understand the other schools of thought in Econ. Makes Econ discourse more approachable
Howard Zinn is a favorite beginner's recommendation for a good reason. His prose is beginner friendly without sacrificing academic rigor to giving you the darker side of US History that school curriculums often choose to omit. It's a life changing book that subverts Nativism
There are several books one could use to get a broad, but decent overview of Philosophy. I just personally think that Simon Blackburn has the best overviews that aren't clunky and awkward to read. I'd definitely put Think on Philosophy 101 essential reading lists
When one has a decent understanding of even an overview of Philosophy, further investigation can be made to learn more since you would learn where to look when need be. That's what makes these kinds of books valuable
Then finally, Bullshit Jobs is probably the first book I'd give somebody to even take the first steps to self-learning with their personal growth in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Bullshit Jobs is very good at speaking to fundamental flaws in modern life
That about concluded my recommendations and elaborating on them. It's quite a journey that I enjoy talking to people about

• • •

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8 Apr
NFTs, to me, are the natural development of society never seriously addressing the state of intellectual property and copyright. The moral backlash going on rn, to me, is practical to try to fight back a trend and emerging market

IMO, it’s too little too late Image
The way in which the moral dillema manifests for folks rn at first puzzled me. But seeing who was criticizing and being angry, primarily the Twitter art community, it started to make sense. I’ve always been critical of the Twitter art community. Let me explain why
The Twitter Art Community (big A art and capital C community, not any particular individual), has this tendency to pigeonhole with every issue whether it’s promoting hustle culture to later regret it and simultaneously demanding an unregulated market to self-regulate
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4 Apr
The idea that culture can die is genuinely terrifying. I should feel disgusted witnessing it everyday multiple times a day in real time, but the fact that I’m numb to observing cultural decay brings a certain combination of apathy and dread that is just sad to think about
I wish I had an easy answer and solution to stopping cultural decay and have a solid solution to subverting it. The attempts to subvert it work temporarily in the forefront of only a select few out of the masses who have a terrible instinct to label subversion as “boring”
Attempts at discussion are met with scorn by people you’d think would be your allies or at least sympathetic, but instead it is all classified as “culture war” & the Left just thinks that it’s just a deepstate psyop because it doesn’t fit into their narrow 20th century worldview
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28 Mar
This is a whole thread about Twitter and harassment and not really subtweeting anything in particular. I think it’s worth discussing how easy it is to act impulsively on social media, especially Twitter, and understand that there are people behind the screen when you tweet
It’s been like a month now since I got massively harassed by Pewdiepie fans and conservative creators and their fans. I’ve been harassed before for taking a stand on issues and I know that having the spotlight comes with such risks. It’s a shame that it’s something to accept
The Myth of Icarus is apt for explaining how being internet famous works. The closer one flies to the sun, the more our wings burn as a result. We witness time and time again random folks come and go facing tons of heat from ppl, but we hardly get insight for how it feels
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25 Mar
Hi everyone. I wanted to update you on my situation since I last tweeted about it.

I made my family agree to some conditions to compromise how we treat one another and for some other accommodations to be made in exchange for me contributing more than I already do at home
It’s been a hell of a week and while it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, I am safe and not being threatened anymore nor am I homeless.

I appreciate all of the support that was given to me this past week or so. Truly, I did cry a few times knowing ya’ll actually have my back
Another update on life is that there are now finally a handful of really good looking job opportunities that are right up my alley that I for once feel confident in applying to. So I hope with the work that I do for these jobs, I can save more on moving out
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9 Mar
12 hours of sleep gave me a striking revelation: I could charge $25/hr for a few high paying clients for a consulting service and change my business model, or I can continue what I’ve been doing but pivot a bit and hunker down.

I’ve decided that I will keep my consulting FREE /1

Twitch is a very good platform to do something new that nobody else is doing. I see tons of social media advice, but lots of it is very generic, vague, and unhelpful, yeah? /2
“Stop tweeting, make content” about summarizes what I’m talking about. Content may be king, but if you don’t have your shit figured out, don’t know where you’re going with yourself, then you won’t stand out and your lack of confidence won’t breed confidence in others /3
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8 Mar

My intuition was spot on it seems. To any LGBTQIA+ followers and mutuals, just spread the word to not overreact and do not engage directly to accounts being involved with the superstraight discourse and hashtag.

Block and report Nazis, ok?
To handle coordinated attacks like this, you need to subvert their efforts one way or another. A strategy that I personally have found great success in is "taking away the toys" where the kind of things that signal excitement to them are no longer available
Deplatforming is a good tactic among several. But overall, denying them of positive stimulus that gets their adrenaline going is the best way to counter an internet psyop, especially a 4chan one

Do not engage with fishy people directly. Just block and report and tell others
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