When the Scriptures call you to the faith, they call you to believe that Jesus is your Savior.

Not just that He CAN Be your Savior.
Not just that He is the Savior of those who believe.

They call you to believe that Jesus ALREADY IS your Savior.
Jesus has forgiven the sins of the entire world. (John 1 and 3, 1 John 2). He is the Savior of all men (1 Tim 4:10) and has justified all men (Romans 5:18). This justification is received through faith (Romans 3).
Jesus desires the salvation of all (Ezekiel 33:11, Matthew 23:37), and wins salvation for all (Ephesians 2), but not all are saved.

There is a tension here.
The tension can't be resolved by saying Jesus didn't actually die for everyone or speaking of salvation as a possibility but not a reality. The tension can't be resolved by denying the plain meaning of the Scriptures.
It can only be resolved by recognizing a distinction that we Lutherans often refer to as objective justification vs. subjective justification.

In Christ's death and resurrection, all men are justified. They are declared innocent of sin in the eyes of God.
But this declaration is only received through faith. That is, we only possess the gift that Christ won for us through faith.
It's like the soldier who hides in a cave and cuts himself off from communication with his generals. When the peace treaty is signed, but he doesn't know about it, is the soldier still at war?

Objectively, no. The war is over.
But subjectively, for him, yes, the war is still being fought. He does not know he has peace, so the peace that exists does not belong to him.
So it is with us and God. The war is over. Jesus has objectively conquered Satan and destroyed our sins. All who believe receive this peace.

Those who don't believe don't.
We will see this on the Last Day.

Believers won't ask to be judged according to their works, but according to the merits of Christ. Unbelievers will demand to be judged according to their works.

This is the point of the parable of the Sheep and the Goats.
And God will give each of them what they want.

He will judge believers according to the merits of Christ and declare them worthy of eternal life.

He will judge unbelievers according to their own works, show them that they have none, and condemn them.
In other words, unbelievers will demand to be treated as though Christ did not die for them. God will oblige. Believers will ask to receive the righteousness that has already been given to them. God will oblige.
But God giving unbelievers the no-merits-of-Jesus they want does not mean Jesus did not win salvation for them or that what He won was not quite salvation. The Bible says this as clearly as it says that all men are sinners.
In summary, Jesus has saved you. He has justified you and given you the right to dwell with Him in His kingdom forever.

Don't settle for a half-Gospel that tells you Jesus can be your Savior or that Jesus might be your Savior.

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I'm a Lutheran, not an Evangelical. But from this outsider's perspective, it seems that the problem with "purity culture" in Evangelicalism is not actually with the idea of sexual purity itself but with Evangelicalism's Gospel anemia.
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