A thread.
1. Waiting until you see the moon yourself before you begin/stop fast.

The Sunnah is to commence/end the fast when
i. You see the crescent moon🌙
ii. When it is seen by a person of unquestionable character.
iii. When it is seen by a group of people.
2. Skipping the Sahur. Or eating it too early.

Sahur is Sunnah. The Prophet (s) ordered us to make Sahur as it contains blessings. It is also Sunnah to delay the Sahur until the last part of the night. Between Sahur & Salat is enough time to recite 50 moderately long ayat.
3. Delaying the Iftar.

The Prophet (s) said this Ummah will be upon goodness as long as it hastens to break the fast. This haste doesn't mean to actually break it before sunset as this vitiates the fasting. Just wait sufficiently long enough so you don't overshoot the time.
4. Sleeping all through the day in order to keep the Vigil.

The days of Ramadan are equally as important. The du'a from the fasting person while he's fasting never misses. The fragrance from the pangs of a fasting Muslim making Dhikr is far better than the smell of Musk.
5. Participating in Ramadan Football tournament or Ramadan Cup etc.

This may not be in itself bad, but due to the presence of better things to do with time. I mean... The gates to Jannah are all open and those to Hell shut. You should be competing for Jannah not a cup
6. Israf in Iftar.

It is recommended to make each Iftar a worthy feast, but that must happen within the ubiquitous limits of modesty. Don't waste. Engage in charity instead.
7. Not Appreciating your Wives/Mothers for what they do during Ramadan.

Bachelors, skip to the next one and may Allah show you mercy. The role our mothers/wives and sisters etc play especially during these days should not go without appreciation. Help, thank, & show mercy.
8. Excessive Inhaling (istinshaq) during Wudhu and Violent Rinsing of the Mouth.

This is because so doing may lead to water particles reaching one's throat, which isn't bad if done in error but should be controlled if there's the ability to do so.
9. Starting with a High Energy level that declines through the month

i. The Prophet (s) increased Ibadah as the month progressed
ii. Your energy should increase through the month not decline.
iii. It takes 19-22 days to learn a new habit. 30 days of Ramadan is your best chance.
10. Eid Pics Tournament.

The oft-repeating trend of snapping in jets &Amp which gradually ensues into a competition is seldom Islamic. Allah already legislated looking good, so purify your intention and get rewarded for slaying!

• • •

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5 Apr

A Thread
1. A child hits his head on a table, to console him, you ask him to "beat the table" in return. Being a child, he doesn't know the table has no feelings, so he does it & eventually feels better.

This subconsciously teaches your child to develop a strong desire for REVENGE.
2. A child ers, so you discipline him
Afterwards he forgets and tries to play with you, but you rebuke him because you're still mad at him.

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Dr. Abdul-Jabbar Nasir Kabara: Cleansing the Mistakes or Destroying the Islamic Tradition?

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My silence on this issue is for two major reasons:

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A thread
As prompted by your question @Maaji_MK (although I have had the interest to do this for a while), here is a thread that explains this issue.

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التغريدات القصية في السيرة النبويةﷺ

Thread of Threads

Here's a compilation of all Parts (1-40) of Biography of RasulaLlah salla Llahu 'alayhi was salam. You can find all the parts with the hashtag, in sha Allah.

هدية إليك يارسول الله ﷺ

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التغريدات القصية في السيرة النبويةﷺ

PART 40 (Finale) #BiographyOfRasul

Completion of His Blessings (s)

I begin this chapter with the statement of Sh. Yusuf Nabahani (r) in Anwarul Muhammadiyya: "had death been Makruh, it would not have touched the Prophet (s)".

If this world was to be permanent to anyone, it would have been Rasulullah (s).

On his last day, whilst the Muslims were performing Fajr lead by Sayyidna Abubakar (r), the Prophet (s) drew curtains of Nana 'Aishah's room, looked at them and smiled cheerfully.

Understand, esteemed reader, that he was so handsome, he was dripping light, looking young (like in his 40s); the companions were so glad to see his face that they almost enraptured in their prayers. He made a gesture that they should continue their prayers & went inside.

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التغريدات القصية في السيرة النبويةﷺ

PART 39 #BiographyOfRasul

Of His Final Tributes (s)

The Prophet (s) was sick for a total of 13/14 days starting from end of Safar, year 11 AH. He used to pray in the Masjid until his sickness prevented him from doing so.

Despite being very ill, he was conveyed to the Masjid by Fadl bn Abbas & Ali bn Abi Taalib.

Whenever he couldn't make it to the Masjid, he used to instruct his friend, Abubakar to lead the prayers.

On that Thursday, he went to the Masjid & mounted on his pulpit.

He gave a sermon inter alia:

"O people! The time has arrived when I should leave you. If I have made a promise with anyone I am prepared to fulfil it, and if I owe something to somebody, he should speak out, so that I may make payment to him".

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