So here's the f***ing thing-

Republicans becoming unhinged over Biden picking a dandelion for his wife IS their brand. If it's not a show of "strength", or a naked power grab, they can't understand its purpose.

"Republican" ideology just means "take as much as you can".
Growing up, it was always confusing to listen or read Republican missives on things like healthcare, taxes, the role of government- because they always seemed to be in direct conflict with the reality of the situation.

Less is more, for you- but more is more, for them.
Worse, the constant crowing about "entitlement"- so, the concept of lowering taxes on businesses and the rich isn't a form of entitlement? They state, nakedly, that these entities are ENTITLED to pay less because somehow, which they've yet to prove, their existence is beneficial-
-to America as a whole. When politician after politician claims that they've done nothing wrong by engaging in insider trading, misuse of campaign funds, ignoring laws outright, that's not because of their sense of ENTITLEMENT? What is it then?
It's not that the Democrats are perfect by any stretch, but there is a key difference in that Republicans have endorsed the concept of selfishness as a virtue wholeheartedly. A few indications, or examples, if you will-

1. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps
2. Taxes are wrong
3. Healthcare isn't a right
4. The entirety of the white Evangelical movement and their ideology around the role of women in marriage, and indeed life
5. Their concept of the effects of climate change and human beings on it
6. Gun ownership

All of these examples share one thing-
They all presume that the role of the individual is to take as much as they can, give as little back as possible, and somehow, still manage to exist in a society while doing so.

Which is, you know, antithetical to the idea of a proper democratic society.
The preamble of our Constitution defines the role of our government very clearly, stating unequivocally that the purpose of the United States is to "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and Secure the ....
... Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America..."

It's right there, in yellowed parchment and faded black- the role of our government is not for the individual, it is for society AS A WHOLE.
And yet the entirety of the modern Republican platform doesn't just argue against this concept- IT ACTIVELY DISMISSES IT IN ITS ENTIRETY. How can you square these beliefs-
Individual liberty > general Welfare, domestic Tranquility, even the common defense?
Make it make sense. Explain it to me like I'm 5.
Seriously, we should have had flying cars by now.
Let's keep going, because I really need to.

Worse, this new turn of events- the "anti-riot" bill in Florida, the "voting laws" across our nation- (@HC_Richardson, and her letters, cover many of these topics eloquently and concisely, I suggest you sign up)- both are designed to-
- restrict rights to citizens as whole. I can't recall at the moment, but recently some monster even went so far as to proclaim that perhaps we SHOULDN'T let everyone vote, that perhaps we are better off by RESTRICTING THE RIGHT TO ENGAGE IN DEMOCRACY. What even IS that?
Meanwhile, a record number of self-admitted adherents to the cult of Q are being elected at the town and state levels, meaning that as we move forward, this problem is only going to get harder to solve as they insert seemingly innocuous laws at those levels, clearing the way
for ever more egregious attacks against the very fabric of our society.

Yet we lay our hopes on seemingly so few champions of courage and truth- @staceyabrams, @marceelias come immediately to mind- that defeat seems inevitable in the face of an overwhelming enemy.
I can't quite find the words to write next, which is why live-rage-tweeting is such a terrible idea, yet I also cannot be silent, even with such half-formed thoughts careening around.

My apologies if you were anticipating a triumphant finish.
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