So of course @NewYorker did a highly sympathetic puff piece on Christopher Rufo, that took his intellectual BS at face value.
I don't want to drag the author's name into it, b/c I respect the work of his brother. But, really?
The @NewYorker has rep - well deserved - for featuring some of the best writing around. But it also has an unfortunate history of sympathetic puff pieces. Take this 2005 NY piece by Malcom Gladwell, which enthused about Rick Warren's huggy "long arms"…
4) Gladwell, for the piece, attended a celebration of the anniversary of the founding of Warren's Saddleback Church during which Warren enthused about the dedication of the Hitler Youth. They were bad, acknowledged Warren, but if only followers of Jesus had such dedication!
5) Warren had his flock of thousands raise up, in unison, preprinted signs saying "WHATEVER IT TAKES". He said if only his followers had the dedication of the Hitler Youth, they could "take the world". Oddly, Gladwell's @NewYorker piece said nothing about that aspect...
6) I only learned of it by buying (it was $1.99, if memory serves) a recording of Warren's speech at the event. As it turns out, Warren had made the Hitler Youth thing a regular part of his repertoire - It was in his "The Purpose Driven Church" book too!
7) Gladwell's @NewYorker piece did, I should mention, have some very good insight about the way modern conservative megachurches work, at least from a technocratic perspective - just not much about the underlying ideological malevolence. Rick Warren, BTW, went on to give a prayer
8) Barack Obama's 1st presidential inauguration, in early 2009. If you are wondering why that might have been, as it happens, Warren was quite chummy with various Sub Saharan African tyrants who serve as US proxies in the region - outside of American domestic politics...
9)..the embrace by the US foreign policy apparatus of conservative evangelicals who do missions work (and thus have considerable sway in) countries in Africa, Latin America, and parts of Asia is pervasive and so unabashed that there's a rotating door between leadership of USAID
10)..and leadership of World Vision, the biggest evangelical aid and relief agency on Earth & whose yearly budget rivals that of the United Nations' annual non-military budget. Predictably, World Vision is listed, on the 2001 990 IRS tax form of The Fellowship Foundation...
11)..which presides over the annual National Prayer Breakfast, as a "sister organization" to The Fellowship. And why do I mention all this? Well, as it happens, the longtime head of The Fellowship Douglas Coe, friend to just about every US president after Eisenhower, was fond...
12)..of telling elite, select semi-private small evangelical audiences an extremely similar anecdote, to Warren's, in which Coe would enthuse about the intense, to the death, loyalty of Hitler & his original small band of Nazis. Look what they accomplished, rhapsodized Coe, who..
13)..would also hold up the impressive accomplishments of the revolutionary Bolsheviks as well as the fierce dedication, per Coe, of Mao's young Red Guard who - during the bloody Cultural Revolution - were known to have chopped off, with axes, the heads of their own parents...
14)..for the good of the state, according to Coe. I have a research folder, by the way, I've collected, over the years, of other similr examples of this sort of thinking among "conservative" evangelical elites. So it's no mere academic matter - this is the movement that now...
15)..per (especially) the recent work of scholars & journalists such as @anelsona & @kathsstewart controls & steers the #Republican party in its implacable march to create an authoritarian form of white herrenvolk American democracy. Another key component of the inner doctrine
16)..taught to conservative evangelical leaders (inc. politicians in their ranks, of course) is the idea that once within the elite club of "followers of Jesus" - that somewhat amorphous semi-secret society defined, as well as anything, by invitation to and participation in...
17)..the National Prayer Breakfast & elite philanthropic confabs such as "The Gathering" - is that personal behavior *no longer matters*. Once within "The Family", these "followers of Jesus" (who sometimes will disavow even being Christian) are no longer to be...
18)..judged by their peers. No behavior, no matter how horrific, is to be judged. Murder? - No problem. Marital infidelity? - pish. Corruption, theft, even pedophilia?... You get the idea. In service of the greater goal, establishing Jesus' "kingdom" on Earth, as the movement...
19)..itself defines it, anything and everything goes.

THIS is what Gladwell, back in '05, blundered into and saw it not (or chose not to write about it.) What he wrote of, in the @NewYorker, was Rick Warren's huggy long arms - which were probably even longer than Malcom knew.
20) A few notes - you can read more about the Hitler/Lenin/Mao & no personal accountability ethic in the writings of @JeffSharlet on "The Family"/"The Fellowship". On Rick Warren's 2005 speech, see:…. On "The Gathering" see:…

• • •

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18 Jun
Shortly after his death in 2008, a book co-written by Weyrich and his close working colleague William S. Lind came out, advocating a new direction for conservatism - "The Next Conservatism" - which anticipated many of the changes to the #GOP under Trump including the party's...
2)...turn towards racist populism. It was almost as if Weyrich & Lind had helped write the script which began to unfold in 2016. And that was the year that Lind personally met Trump and gave him a copy of the book. It's unlikely he read it, but mutiple copies were circulated...
3)...within the Trump campaign. I wrote at length about the Trump/Lind meeting here:…
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16 Jun
This article mentions that DeLancy's "trainings" alleging substantial non-citizen voting fraud are being promoted by the North Carolina neo-militia "State Defense Forces". So I went to the NCSDF website and found...
2)..that NCSDF's website media page describes (in glowing & enthusiastic terms) the participation of Oath Keepers in the NCSDF.

So this group, which claims the sanction of state government ("Authorized by North Carolina General Statutes, Section 127A")
3)..appears to have been actively collaborating with a national group, the Oath Keepers, that's being investigated by the federal authorities for playing a key role in the January 6th, 2021 coup attempt.

But, reading the NCSDF article on that, it seems it's even worse...
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15 Jun
Jimmy Concepts isn't looking too "conceptual" up against a PhD who knows what Critical Race Theory is & where it came from, plus the topology of the entire surrounding academic field.

He looks like a guy out of his depth, babbling.
Jimmy Concepts was just putting the finishing touches on his patented CRT/cultural Marxism vaporization machine, when his friends Ant Man and Rubber Man came racing in.

"Jimmy, Jimmy," they cried, "there's a strange man here to see you. He's scary. He looks... academic!"
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12 Jun
This reminds me of the "who killed Anne Frank" teaching exercise. People are given cards with identities such as "Hitler","Himmler","concentration camp guard" & so on and told to line up in order of culpability, from greatest to least...
2) In one of these exercises, a woman with another identity claimed first place and refused to be dissuaded. The most culpable was *not* Hitler, Himmler, a concentration camp guard, or any of the typical suspects that might quickly come to mind.

The woman persuaded everyone..
3) Who bore the greatest responsibility?

It was a pastor, who in the 1920s and 1930s preached hatred of Jews from the pulpit.
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10 Jun
The @nytimes' editorial genius lies in finding op-ed columnists w/an exquisite degree of eloquent befuddlement. Take this 12/2015 Ross Douthat @nytimes op-ed column. By 10/2016, as I noted at the time, the Trump campaign was courting the top strategic ally of the Oath Keepers.
2) Specifically, top Trump Campaign officials and surrogates were flocking to appear on a rather obscure radio show that happened to be hosted by the Vice President of Operations of the renegade anti-federal sheriffs group CSPOA, who immediately before the 1/6 coup attempt was...
3) direct communication w/the head & founder of the Oath Keepers, the national anti-government paramilitary group that sent coordinated & well equipped squads into the Capital Building on January 6th 2021 in an apparent attempt to kidnap or kill top Democrats & a least one...
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4 Jun
Little known facts - John Lennon was assassinated by a former World Vision worker. Reagan's attempted assassin was the son of a WV vice president.

The usual conspiracy narratives say this is about CIA mind control. The reality is different, but equally disturbing...
2) World Vision gets about 20% of its budget from the US government, mostly in the form of in-kind donations from USAID (surplus food).

World Vision USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. It transfers most of that USAID food aid to World Vision International, which is a church...
3) Furthermore, the 2001 990 tax form of the Fellowship Foundation (the Fellowship run the National Prayer Breakfast) claims World Vision as "sister organization".

Besides humanitarian relief, a core World Vision mission is the (evangelical Christian) indoctrination of youth.
Read 7 tweets

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