Are your kids learning Ibram X. Kendi’s “AntiRacism”? Sounds noble, doesn’t it? What decent person would be anti-AntiRacism? But be careful. There’s a clever manipulation going on here. To be AntiRacist, you must be AntiRacist in his specific way. Otherwise you’re a racist. . . Image
And here’s where it gets ugly, manipulative, almost cultish.

They lure you in with being “AntiRacist”, which decent people all want to be. Then they pull the old bait-&-switch.
Being antiracist means:

1) being AntiCapitalist;
2) seeing all group differences as caused by racism;
3) being pro-discrimination in order to bring group equity.

Are you not for (1), (2) and (3)? Then you’re . . . a racist!
It's a common tactic.

😡"Do you support our troops?"

🙂"Of course I do."

😡"Supporting our troops means supporting our invasion of Freedonia."

😐"Hold on. I don’t support our invasion of Freedonia."

😡"Then you don’t support our troops."
😡 "Are you AntiRacist?"

🙂 "Of course I am."

😡 "Being AntiRacist means being against Capitalism. "

😐 "But Capitalism has lifted billions of people out of poverty. I’m FOR Capitalism."

😡 "Then you’re not antiracist. You’re racist."
Don't let them define for you what it means to be AntiRacist.

How about?

😐 "I'm AntiRacist. And I'm against your ways of fighting racism. Shall we discuss?"

Don't let them bully you.

And for God's sake, don't let them bully your children. 💪🏽
Read the works of Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo. Read Delgado's book "Critical Race Theory". Read some of the academic work of these "scholars".

You might conclude, like I did, that this is an ugly, vile, unscientific, intolerant, manipulative, almost cult-like ideology.
An ugly ideology that hides behind the good label of "fighting racism" and being "against racism".

An ugly ideology that hides behind the noble work of the Civil Rights Movement. That capitalizes on the good names Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks. 😲

Don't fall for it.

They'll tell you that to be against racism is to be for Critical Race Theory.


But don't listen to me. Read the material yourself. And decide for yourself.

//end of thread

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13 Oct
Race Scholars claim to give us a “framework” to understand the world, a “lens” through which to see racial dynamics. Let’s apply that framework and that lens to the recent ASU student conflict and see if it makes sense. Image
This analysis is not fiction. It's not a caricature nor a strawman. It is taking the concepts taught in White Fragility and applying them to an actual situation.
What’s troubling is that it gives no agency to People of Color. They are not equal players in any given discussion. There is no possibility for error, over-reaction or misunderstanding.

There is only accusation and guilt, followed by either confession or denial.

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11 Oct
Next time you criticise or question a tenet of Critical Race Theory, notice how the "scholars" or advocates respond. They seldom defend their statements. Instead, they attack your identity and set up subtle, manipulative Kakfa Traps that render their ideas immune to criticism. 🧐
Once you spot it, it's less frustrating. Previously, you got the feeling: "I'm being manipulated, but I can't put my finger on HOW I'm being manipulated.” Then it's replaced with: "Well, that response doesn't address my question, and can be used to dismiss ANY disagreement."
Critical Race Theory is rife with these games & manipulations.

That might be why their "scholars (most obviously DiAngelo & Kendi) don't debate or even discuss their ideas in a public forum where they can be challenged.🤔
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10 Oct
PM from a “POC”:

"This trick in your footnote has been used against me many times. I believed that because I'm not white, it would afford me some privilege & protection against such traps & logic. But my non-white identity could not win in the CRT framework. . . ."
". . . You describe it beautifully again.

You've helped me so much. Without seeing you breakdown CRT or Leftist manipulation, often what I'd have is a nagging suspicion, something in my gut that something is amiss—"what's going on here? . . "
“. . . You really helped me cross the threshold of confusion into revelation, ‘Ah hah! How clever, so that's what's really going on underneath all this.’ There has to be others out there that are making this same leap when encountering your messages.”
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10 Oct
Halfway through this piece of “scholarship”. If you can stomach reading it, this paper is a good example of how corrupt and unscientific “race scholarship” really is. They start with their conclusion (p. 302) and then work backwards to prove it. . . .…
Under the heading “data collection & analysis” they describe their (1) “data collection” and (2) “analysis”:

1. Watch two teachers in the classroom. Interview them.

2. Fit the teachers’ actions & interview statements into the scholar’s preconceived worldview.

The scholar selected two white teachers who, according to Black community members, had been particularly effective with Black students.

I'm afraid to read what comes next. Will she eviscerate these two teachers?

We'll find out.😬
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3 Oct
Don’t listen to FOX News, or MSNBC, or CNN. Don't even listen to The Woke Temple. Go read some of their ”scholarship” and decide for yourself.
Read the scholarship of Robin DiAngelo and see the sick, twisted world she lives in. It's not the world any of us live in -- Black or white.
Read the ideas of Ibram X. Kendi and then try to implement those ideas in the real world (something he never does in his book, not even a baby step).
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25 Sep
When making these memes, I often feel a twinge of guilt – that the memes are harsh & mean-spirited, even assholeish. After all, these scholars have devoted their lives to the subject. And I’m mocking their scholarship. [1]
Then I think: Perhaps the memes are mean. And perhaps they need to be mean. Even assholeish. Direct & honest. Race & racism are serious subject that deserve serious scholarship. And they’re not receiving serious scholarship. They’re getting quack scholarship, from ideologues. [2]
But I could live with bad scholarship. Even quack scholarship. We could discuss their scholarship, I could make my case, and in that discussion I wouldn’t get mean. I never get mean in good-faith discussions. [3]
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