The last 2 years I worked w/ @noahkagan every day.

Like right next to him.

First thought, "wow this dude moves fast."

Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised (he was #30 at Facebook, founder of @AppSumo).

But everything felt like 2x speed at first.
While stressful at times, it led to breakthroughs for me personally + professionally.

There were 8 things that were game-changers for me.

Things I wish I learned earlier.

But you can start using them today.

Two years, in two minutes. Leggo. 👇
#1 Prioritize NOW, not how.

Noah's instinct is to act first, then think later based on feedback.

I wanted to over-research stuff first. (read a book, take a course, etc.)

My approach = dumb
Noah's approach = smart
Because actually doing the thing first, gets real-time feedback.

Which is WAY better than any "research."

Journalling one day I gave myself the mantra to prioritize "now, not how."

I still use it all the time.
#2 Test then invest.

This is a core saying we have at @appsumo.

• Hiring a new teammate? Start with 1 month paid trial.
• Buying new software? Start with 1 month, not full year.
• New marketing idea? Do manually first to see if works.
#3 Have ONE clear goal.

Noah learned this from Zucks during his Facebook days.

"Have ONE clear goal everyone is aligned on."

So we do this with annual goals:
• AppSumo goal = $90M GMV
• OkDork's goal = 250K YouTube subscribers
This makes decision-making WAY easier.

The other week, Noah asked me if we should get on TikTok.

Does it help our goal? Nope.

Easy enough. Moving on.
#4  Default to NO.

When I started working with him, I was a yes man.

Anything he mentioned, I'd figure out and do it.

But with main goal in mind, I started saying NO to things that didn't help us get there.

This is when I became most valuable.
I realized the real "magic" of productivity is to just focus on the few critical drivers.

And ignore everything else.
#5 What's working & how can we do more of it?

Crazy how simple this is.

Even better than what's working for us, is studying others.

For example, @yogawithadriene has 10M+ YT subs.

But her #1 most popular video is NOT for expert yogis.

It's "Yoga for Complete Beginners"
So we tested the equivalent for entrepreneurs.

Rather than scaling a business, we did "business ideas".

Now it's one of our MOST popular series.
#6 Feedback is a gift.

We have a quarterly cal invite for feedback.

But also have a rule for always giving real-time feedback when it comes up.

No sense in waiting a quarter to improve.
#7  Face discomfort.

Sounds crazy, but there's a valuable lesson behind it.

He coined the "coffee challenge" where you ask for 10% off when you buy a coffee.
Or the airport "newspaper challenge" asking a stranger for the newspaper right out of their hand. 

(ha makes me cringe just thinking about it)

But when you actually do it...

It's not that bad.

And makes you wonder, where else are we holding back?
#8 Make it fun.

This last one might be most important.

It's rare to not literally lol in a meeting.

Some (read: most) of the jokes are ridiculous, but he always keeps it fun.

What's the point of any of this if we're not having fun?
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