Tip: when visiting a picket line to support, pretty good chance they have all the donuts and water they need. Think proteins, or fruit/veg. Also: little warmie things for gloves or shoes.

And EVERY picket line will have a use for duct tape.
And your verbal and physical support really matters! Even if all you have time for is a drive-by-and-honk, I assure you that counts!
Also, I strongly discourage you from asking things like, "how long do you think you can hold out?" or whatever. If you're supporting people on strike, your role is to give them all the support they need, not try to interrogate their plan.
One final note: the first day on the picket line is categorically different than the tenth. Please keep your support going throughout a strike. It can get a little lonely.

• • •

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25 Jan
So much this by @marybeth_sb. Decades ago, @MarkDilley and I were kinda organizing consultants for AFT grad unions. We asked 1 question that always predicted where a local was: "How many of your major decisions are made after extensive conversations between you and your members?"
Sometimes, of course, we had to push them to be truthful, but whenever we got through to the truth, that one question told us all we needed to know.

Understand that this wasn't about corrupt leaders or autocratic leaders. It was just that they only talked to each other.
Important to highlight this was in addition to standard union democracy. All these locals had votes, sent out surveys, followed their bylaws. But on top of that, leaders needed to get out and have conversations with rank and file members, and see them as integral to their roles.
Read 16 tweets
4 Jan
The @AlphabetWorkers have formed what is called a "minority union." Quick thread on what that means:

A cornerstone of US labor law is the principle of "exclusive representation" - if you collect authorization cards from the employees and win an election, you...

...get to represent all the employees you sought to represent. As the exclusive rep, the employer has to work with that union and that union only on any issue of wages, hours, terms and conditions of employment. In turn, the union has a legal Duty of Fair Representation (DFR)

... to not discriminate against the people it represents if they choose not to join the union.

The big problem: labor law is so weak in the US, employers violate it all the time with no consequences, and therefore obtaining exclusive rep status is really hard.

Read 15 tweets
1 Mar 20
I want to add some things tonight based on thoughtful pushback from people like @chactivist.

There are very real ways in which technical adherence to the rules could be used for deeply immoral, unethical, and dangerous ends.

Two possible scenarios stand out to me.

The first is someone effectively bribing delegates. It could happen, and the courts have weakened bribery laws so much that it could happen.

Here’s the thing, though. Most of the delegates at the Convention will be honest and decent folk. I may occasionally criticize my state party chair in MN, @kenmartin73, but he’s honest.

Yes, we should watch out for bribery, but I find it unlikely.

Read 12 tweets
28 Feb 20
All right, I've noticed a non-zero correlation between: a) people's level of knowledge of DNC delegate allocation rules and convention procedures, and; b) their accusations of "stealing" the nomination from Bernie, so let me offer this refresher thread for any who need it.

Under Democratic Party rules in place (in largely the same form) since 1972, delegates to the Democratic convention must be allocated proportionately in each state. Delegates are allocated both at the congressional district level AND statewide.

The threshold is 15%

So, a candidate who gets 15% of the vote in either a congressional district or statewide gets delegates, and they are allocated proportionately among all those who meet that threshold.

So, right away, here is a place where results COULD look fishy but aren't.

Read 54 tweets
30 Apr 19
Hi! I've been an organizer for twenty years. I've worked more than a dozen political campaigns and scores of union campaigns in that time. This app is NOT ORGANIZING. Let me explain. 1/
To be fair, there is a key part of this app that _is_ like organizing, and can make people uncomfortable: assessment. Organizing requires assessing where people stand and recording that data. Many people don't love that. 2/
People especially don't love it when they don't know it's happening. And that's what's deeply wrong with the app. It's ONLY about assessment, not organizing. Because organizing requires engagement, and this app doesn't. 3/
Read 37 tweets

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