1/ A couple thoughts on the arrest of Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes and other members of his patriot-cosplay theater group. Charges of "seditious conspiracy" combined with details in the indictment eviscerate all specious claims about Jan. 6...

2/ ...not being a real insurrection or being some riot riled up by instigating feds. The Oath Keepers plan was weeks in the making and specifically aimed at a violent overthrow of our government: "We aren't getting through this without a civil war."
3/ You can read the indictment here, and I suggest you do. The exhaustive detail - the staggering amount of evidence prosecutors clearly have - will be underplayed in much of the reporting simply due to space limitations. There's A LOT here.

4/ This development raises some interesting questions as to what lies ahed for Trump, MAGA-hugging Republicans and doofuses like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity et al... It was one thing to say "This was not an armed insurrection, these were just angry patriots!" when there...
5/ ...were not specific charges like this. It's another thing entirely to try to prop up people charged with seditious conspiracy, particularly when there's dramatic evidence that they had a massive stockpile of weapons and ammo ready to go just outside of DC on Jan. 6.
6/ So what does Trump and Co. do now? Already, this Rhodes dingbat was reportedly mad that Trump didn't help any of the insurrectionists or raise money for them. And while it's easy to write off way-far-right loons like this, it's important to remember that they represent a...
7/ ...not-insignificant swath of the Trump GOP base. I would argue that what put Trump over the top in 2016, and what drove large numbers out for him in 2020, was the far-right-wing nutters who prior to Trump stayed home during elections. He activated the fringe.
8/ So now, if you're a Republican, you have to either take a position for or against the Oath Keepers who have been indicted. If you even loosely side with them, you're too extreme for a certain small swath of conservatives who haven't been fully brainwashed.
9/ If you oppose and condemn them, you're going to further anger that previously activated fringe, potentially depressing turnout in elections that will invariably be close. I'm not sure this is any kind of inflection point, and I know to never underestimate Trump and Co.'s...
10/ ...ability to dissemble and flim-flam their way out of things. But I have thought for a while that there would come a time when the truly bonkers far-right folks, their lost to dreams of anti-government violence, might become too much for the GOP to control. It was always...
11/ ...a Faustian bargain. If it falls apart, it could end up saving our democracy, which is something I would certainly appreciate. END

• • •

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5 Nov 21
1/ What makes me so mad about the Aaron Rodgers stuff - and there are buckets and buckets of things to be mad about - are the things he didn't say. I heard zero mention of the 750,000 American souls who have died from this virus, a number bolstered by people like himself who...
2/ ...who have the gall, thanks to never being told they're wrong, to think they know better than an overwhelming majority of scientists and medical professionals. Not a damn word about anyone who lost a child, or a parent, or a brother or sister.
3/ I didn't hear anything from him about the precautions he took to make sure people around him on the Packers or in the community were protected from him, given his unvaccinated status. He's free to make his own health decisions, but did he stop for a moment to consider others?
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14 Oct 21
1/ OK, to anyone who cares about or covers Chicago media, I guess I have something to say about this. And I'm dovetailing a bit off a tweet my esteemed colleague @RayLong sent earlier, which I just retweeted prior to this thread.

Buckle up.

2/ First off, this story by @TheAtlantic about Alden Capital, the hedge fund that now owns my beloved Chicago Tribune, is deeply reported, scary as hell and well written. I don't mean what I'm saying here to cast aspersions on @mckaycoppins. This was an important story to tell.
3/ But I think what bothers those of us who stayed at the Tribune after the Mass Exodus of 2021 is this: We're still here. And I believe the size, quality and ferociousness of the remaining Tribune staff was considerably underplayed in The Atlantic piece, AND has been largely...
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11 Oct 21
While writing tomorrow's column about my Reader Fan Mail, I came across this, the single greatest piece of Reader Fan Mail in history. It will be prominently featured in tomorrow's column. (Which is about my Reader Fan Mail.) #Fartmouth Image
I want "Once referred to Donald Trump as 'President Fartmouth'" inscribed on my tombstone.

I want someone to create a Wikipedia page of me solely so it can read, "Known for a 2021 column in which he labeled former President Donald Trump 'President Fartmouth.'"
This was the column in question: chicagotribune.com/columns/rex-hu…
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16 Sep 21
1/ Hello everyone, and welcome to this meeting of the Florida GOP Committee on Health Policy. We're meeting today in this parking lot behind a Hooter's because Dale, our treasurer, died of COVID-19 last night and he had sole access to the accounts, so we couldn't rent out...
2/ ...our usual conference room space in the Best Western. Apologies for any inconvenience and thoughts and prayers to Dale's family members who have not also died of COVID-19.

My name is Tad Horkington, and I'm honored to have been named president of the committee following...
3/ ...the tragic death of Thomas Bilgenut, the interim president who last week died of COVID-19. Tom had, of course, replaced Hugh Frank, our previous president who died two weeks ago of COVID-19, along with his entire family and the youth football team he coached.
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15 Sep 21
1/ So Gavin Newsom prevailed and Larry Elder has conceded. But before the California recall election he was on about voter fraud and “shenanigans” and he set up a website to report it and everything. So what changed? The margin of victory was just too great to try and con people?
2/ Is this transparent GOP bullsh*t what we have to deal with in every election now? They scream RIGGED! before the vote, then if the vote is close they keep screaming it, otherwise they just drop and it and move on to the next grift? And we’re just supposed to sit back and…
3/ …accept that a certain amount of anti-democracy hogwash will come with each vote? Nuts to that garbage. This is childish, shameful and damn awful dangerous. I know folks are sick of it, but they need to raise holy hell about it. Don’t treat this party like it’s legitimate.
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9 Sep 21
1/ All righty, folks, let's sit down a moment, collect our breath and address the volcanic right-wing pants-crapping currently brought on by Biden's announcement of various vaccine mandates. For starters, good job, guys! You're doing that thing where you absolutely freak out...
2/ ...and throw around words like "tyranny" and "Marxism" and whatever else you found in the "Modern Conservative's Inaccurate Scare-Word-of-the-Day Calendar" you bought in the gift shop at Mar-a-Lago when you were there hoping to get a whiff of one of Donald Trump's farts.
3/ Rather than actually taking a moment to reflect on, you know, all the people dying and whatnot, you all are Pavlov's-dogging it right to "BIDEN DID A SOCIALISM ON ME!!!" bullsh*t, which only serves to raise the blood pressure of your already COVID-infected base.
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