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29 Nov
REQUEST - have you seen tractor trailers moving today?

High volumes of trucks stopped on side of highway? Irregular things only. Drivers taking their required rest hours doesnโ€™t count.

Trying to understand if trucker strike is happening.

Provide State + update, please. TIA. โ™ฅ๏ธ
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26 Nov
"Just a quick post. I just couldn't let this day pass without wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Kinda crazy how much you can miss a digital family. I'll be back < 30
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24 Nov
Storytime as I sit here and listen to some big boy planes move overhead:

I just had a realization of something I saw but never reported here. On Sunday I was stacking wood, had a cord and a half to get stacked before the winter.

Had me outside for a solid few hours.
I live near a few local airports, and an international airport, and planes are not abnormal overhead all day.

However, I was cleaning up around noon, heard the buzz of a prop, and looked up.

A small plane was no more than 300 feet overhead doing a banked turn.
Having lived here for 19 years, I can confidently tell you this isnโ€™t normal. Iโ€™m miles from the nearest airfield, and for him to have been so low was extremely strange. It made my heart sink and my jaw drop.
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23 Nov
This tweet has been deleted.

I feel that I owe it to you to mention when I delete something (like a news agency retraction) to ensure I'm transparent.

Something about this didn't sit right with me.
For those of you asking why (rightfully) - someone linked me to this. which led me to do more digging.

Results, in my eyes were confusing, and I still haven't made up my mind.
I felt it was better to retract than keep up, in light of new information.
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20 Nov
Rudy Guiliani's dripping hair dye didn't seem like a mistake to me -- it seemed like COMMS.

Hair Dye
Hare Die

White Rabbit - dead?
We know of the White Rabbit.

Alice in Wonderland, Neo in The Matrix, 4dr3n0, and of course DJT knew this of B0.
So, hare die.

What else does this look like, besides dye dripping?
Blood. Second photo is stock to show what I'm referencing.
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15 Nov

Iโ€™m going to present something to you, objective data only. The conclusion will be up to you. Think for yourself, never let anyone tell you how to think, myself included.

I hope I have set a record that Im here to unite, not โ€œcall people outโ€.

I will, however, go to war for Patriots against in-fighting and [injected].

I will not stand for people trying to harm us; weโ€™ve come too far, for too long, for those who should be our trusted teammates to destroy morale.

Where We Go One We Go All is not just a catch phrase.
We know [they] try to divide by projecting onto others. [They] use their actions to sow division, create confusion, and draw attention away from themselves.

As such, who here is projecting?

Be careful who you follow. ImageImageImage
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12 Nov
Would you think Iโ€™m crazy if I said Call of Dutyโ€™s actions this year appear to be scripted by White Hats?

Yes, the video game.
Buckle up, buttercup.

Seem familiar?


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12 Nov
Anons are always on it. YouTube went down, and everyone jumped on 1043/1044. Awesome, love you guys.

I was actually searching for this drop last night, totally unrelated but those vibes are amazing.

The last line of this drop is โ€œon the clockโ€.

Todd has been all over the clock. @ToddWal47945939

Todd - has the clock been WOUND until today, where it โ€œruns outโ€? Not that the clock is โ€œfinishedโ€, but instead, weโ€™re just getting started?
For reference; today is the last day on the clock. The clock runs out today.
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10 Nov
Consider how theyโ€™re attempting to rewrite history before your eyes.

Which nations are they claiming are bastions of human rights?
This callback from yesterday is critically important.

Donโ€™t forget your history.
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7 Nov
Where is POTUS?

Seemingly a silly question, but one I feel needs to be asked.

If we are investigating 3-year deltas for relevance to today's timeline, is POTUS currently on AF1/abroad..?
Nov01, 35:
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7 Nov
Can anyone lend a hand in decode?

First 2 tweets deleted.
@Mareq16 @TinkerTricity @AnjillofLight_ @LovesTheLight
Here was the fourth.
My thoughts so far in parallel:

Lawyer(โ€˜)s and Season(โ€˜)s

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6 Nov
Imagine if Joe gave his speech tonight claiming the win, and as soon as he does it, US Marshals and Special Agents come on the stage to arrest him.

Dang, Wouldnโ€™t that be epic!
Fox News reported that the Biden speech tonight has upped security, increased perimeter, and people arenโ€™t able to see in right now...

Airspace shut down over the event and Bidenโ€™s home.

โ€œJeeps and Pickup Trucks will be the vehicles in the crowdโ€
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6 Nov
Maximum Impact, the DS Playbook for the Coming Days

It should be very clear that weโ€™re in the midst of the classic DS nation takeover playbook.

The next step, after election interference and chaos, is mass civil unrest driving neighbor against neighbor, not ever considering the man behind the curtain.

The way that the DS creates the greatest amount of chaos is by pissing off the maximum amount of people.

Since 11/03, Trump supporters and law-loving citizens have been shown rampant voter fraud and are rightfully pissed.
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6 Nov
On The Third Day, He Rose Again
The Nicene Creed
This canโ€™t be overlooked as a possibility:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Love is patient, love is kind.
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5 Nov
That Our Flag Was Still There.
Do you know what โ€œThat Our Flag Was Still Thereโ€ means?

The British were to shell Fort Henry overnight. They would not yield until the Flag flown high on the rampart was lowered; at that point, theyโ€™d take it as a surrender by the Patriots.
Hours passed, and the flag still flew. The bombings continued, and Francis Scott watched.

โ€œThe thing that sets the American Christian apart from all other people in the world, is he will die on his feet before heโ€™ll live on his kneesโ€ - George Washington
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