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I began in 🇬🇧 then 🇦🇺 at 8. @28 I was saved by Jesus Christ who died for our sins on the Cross ✝️ and I surrendered 🏳️ to God. @55 my 👀 opened2Q🏁John3:16
5 Jan
President Trump said for Christmas he would like A VASE, (and he pronounced it like the British do, as a varse).

Well there is an NGO called AVAAZ that has links to Iran, servers, protests and George Soros.
Q reminded us of the evil NGO workings in post 1881.
Here are the individuals involved. They monitor elections!! 👀
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8 Dec 19
Mossad creation date 13 Dec 1949
One day before their 70th birthday!

Mossad real name: Institute for Intelligence and Special operations (IISO)
Adam Schiff = IISO =52

We are saving the Israel for last.
Is the specific reason their 70th BIRTHDAY?
Eyes on
Please ave a look at the thread 👆🏻 and see what you think!

I discovered that Mossad 70th birthday is this Friday 12/13/19.

Also Mossad is really called IISO

IISO=Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff=70
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