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6 Apr
Sadguru is showcasing Hinduism with blasphemous statements on our supreme deities and creating paranoia against our scriptures. See how he is doing the puja of a shiva lingam by putting fire on top. Even now fools are tolerating. Such a SHame for Hindus. #SadhguruisNotHindu
wearing black tikas and black codes during puja is how modern and progressive right? Most youngsters are getting stimulated by Sadhguru's cosmos pseudo philosophies. The problem with Hindus is that they want to seize our scriptures according to what they find convincing.
And once they find it unconvincing, they dare to certify our scriptures out as adulterated by Brahmans and Britishers simultaneously. It's a need to take that Sadhguru's hypocrisy down. #SadhguruisNotHindu
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