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29 Jun 20
Remember the smoking gun document from the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board which said they required at least TWO system wide pandemic events by Sept 2020?
Guess what? Pig Flu is coming (from China).
FAUCI is on the board of the GPMB, by the way.…?
Here is the smoking gun Pandemic PLAN document - it calls for at least 2 'system wide training & simulation exercises' by Sept 2020.
IS THIS A SIMULATION? Sure seems like it, but they are torturing us by pretending it's real.…
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24 Jun 20
1. Thanks to @RealWriteWinger & @sdesla I've learned of a new swamp outlet:
They are extortionists sort of - using the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to push businesses out of business unless they take the knee.
2. "B-Corp certification is administered by the non-profit B Lab"
#technology #SDGs
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4 Jun 20
These 'dozens of public health experts' have just declared open season on white people as far as I'm concerned.
I take this as a declaration of war against me.
I will not forget their names.
These people have just declared 'white privilege' (which just means 'being white', let's face it) as "lethal." .. ERgo these people have openly declared me to be their mortal enemy. I will proceed as such.
(cont'd) These people have just declared 'white privilege' (which just means 'being white', let's face it) as "lethal." .. ERgo these people have openly declared me to be their mortal enemy. I will proceed as such.
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4 Jun 20
Yes. And Kiva, too.
Kiva founder has ties to Bill & Hillary.
Gates is invested in Kiva.
Kiva is a massive scam. Crowdfunded loans for small biz, but the joke is that the loans are ALREADY funded by big banks!
Matt Flannery / Kiva founder speaking at Clinton Library, speaking about how Bill is a "big supporter of Kiva" and he met him on Oprah's show.
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2 Jun 20
Remember Maya Santamaria went on camera claiming both George Floyd and Chauvin worked at her nightclub El Nuevo Rodeo?
According to this the bar was shut down in 2014.
Here's proof that Maya Santamaria was the founder of the nightclub and that Sabor (^tweet above) was the main competitor.
wait wait wait.. that second article is from Ohio.
But the story / names / timeline is the same as a story from Minnesota.
what the heck is going on.
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31 May 20
Look at the mega corporations signal their acceptance & encouragement of riots.
Why did both use almost identical graphic & words?
Talking point spotted. Or, as I like to call them: Hostage Script.
Former police chief of Toronto, current CDN gov't minister of some new department repeats the same lines as Amazon & Spotify. weird, right?
More (h/t @sdesla) hostage scripts / talking point posts.
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30 May 20
two things - is the body in a different place relative to the vehicle?
The other thing is explained in the video.
Reminds me a lot of the Boston thing. Those photos compared to the videos made it seem as if they shot some of it on the actual day and some of it another time, then mixed up the footage.
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29 May 20
Amazon chief sits on the board of "Ending Pandemics."
Read his bio at the link. 👀 (SWAMPY McSwamperson!)
BTW "Ending Pandemics" CEO is Larry Brilliant of the Grateful Dead.
It's all coming together.
Larry Brilliant (not a doctor) went to Alcatraz to 'help' the pretty much captive native people who were occupying the island. Creepy.…
The songs are always a little different, but the hook remains the same.
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25 May 20
Fauci's wife, Christine Grady heads Human Subject Research unit at NIH!
Here's the happy couple in 2016
Christine Grady, wife of Coronavirus Task Force's Dr. Anthony Fauci, was on the US's Medical Ethics Commission from 2010 until 2017.…
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25 May 20
Anthony Fauci with Mother Theresa.
Hm, why would these two worlds collide?
trolls pretending this isn't a real photo can take it up with Vanderbilt U and the Fauci family.
my source is eminently credible.. and the eminently credible source's source is the Family itself.
Please spread this photo of Fauci with Mother Theresa around because apparently it's damning since the trolls hate it.…
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22 May 20
House of Medici coat of arms.
Bankers to the Vatican.
Explains a lot maybe?
I'm just sayin'
Medici Pizza
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15 May 20
Trump presser on vaccines
"looking to get vaccine by the end of the year."
"Scientists began devloping a vaccine January 11... think of that. Before anyone even knew what we were up against"
"FDA has swiftly approved more than 130 therapies for effective trials..."
"Historic series of funding bills, admin is providing $10 billion"
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14 May 20
HEY!! My first appearance on a protest sign!
GO MICHIGAN! Fight for your rights!
Here's another photo!
Thank you to @FreedomCapt for these! 👆👆
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7 May 20
Gates/ China/ Wuhan Lab direct connection!
The Center for Global Public Health (CGPH) operates under the guidance of the Chinese CDC.
In Dec 2018, CPGH took a group from Africa to the Wuhan Virology Lab.
CGPH takes instructions from #Gates!…
Researching CGPH I get a match at University of Manitoba, Canada.
Is this the same organization?
Is this UofM department funded by China with donations from the Gates Foundation?
Note there is no name on this "Director's Message"…
If U of Manitoba's CGPH = Chinese CPGH it would explain this news story from July 2019 in which Chinese spies were kicked out of the Manitoba Microbiology Lab for alleged spying.
2 of them worked for Univ. of Manitoba as well.
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6 May 20
VIDEO: Bill Gates says he's lost money on Green Energy investments BUT he's going to make up his losses with "artificial meat."
Think about all the "COVID outbreaks" in meat processing facilities.
How did he know that back then?? He said that just after the #Event201 coronovirus planning excercise in October, 2019.
The above clip is from Nov 2019:
He was right, too. He is making lots of money on "Beyond Meat"
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6 May 20
Uh.. guys...
Nice logo for the US National Academy of Medicine:
Victor Dzau, who is currently the head of Nat. Academy of Medicine is also on the Board of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB).
The GPMB was referred to often in #Event201.…
Victor Dzau is CENTRAL to the US medical industrial complex!
WOW he's also Vice-Chair of the National Research Council! what?
and there's more...
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3 May 20
As we launch into another breathless round of "the Canadian government is in flagrant violation of the Charter!" I'd like to remind everyone that the Charter/Constitution itself is the problem.
Everyone always ignores this. (laser pointer mentality)
I know there is no audio. I tried 3 times. Canada doesn't want this out there, perhaps, because this is a Supreme Court justice admitting clearly that our Constitution isn't worth the paper it is written on, saying essentially that they weigh all rights against the common good.
YT video set to start at the correct point:
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27 Apr 20
This is a slide from Prof Eric Pianka's powerpoint presentation about overpopulation
Notice something about this image?
It mimics Stewart Brand's Whole Earth Catalog. Hippes are weaponized.
It's not really that he thought we were running out of resources, as you can see from this slide in the same presentation
here's the Powerpoint:…
3/x Back in 2009, he gave a speech in which he claimed (paraphrased):
"AIDS is too slow. Ebola kills in days."
A virus was key to reducing population by approx 90%.…
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7 Apr 20
Here's a thought (just a thought!).
Impossible "Meat" bleeds bc of a Genetically Modified(GM) protein called 'heme.'
GM veg are engineered to kill the insects which feed on them.
GM veg are engineered to kill the insects which feed on them.
The DNA of the insects is changed by what they are eating!
GM foods ingested by insects eventually kill them, but there is a time lag.
It takes approximately 12 days, in the case of the teeny tiny corn worm, for the modified mRNA to work its way into the DNA of the bug.
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4 Apr 20
🚨Maeve Kennedy McKean worked for PEPFAR.
Fauchi created PEPFAR.
Birx directed PEPFAR.
PEPFAR intimately linked to Global Fund which is Bill Gates.
This all has to do with scamming $Billions in AIDS/HIV money.
source for Maeve Kennedy-PEPFAR connection…
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4 Apr 20
direct hit, IMO.
Medical simulation centers being used for CIVOD footage.
GOODMAN CENTER is my guess, but could also be NYU.
see next tweet for repost of video.
Compare these 2 simulation centers with footage coming out about "war zones" in hospitals.
I have also heard from a Doc involved in this industry for 22 years. Will report soon.
Do either of these match?
@HowleyReporter @RealCandaceO @JordanSchachtel
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