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10 Dec 18
1. So @njdotcom published an opinion piece yesterday about how the #BlueWave in NJ was all because of George Norcross and his vote-by-mail efforts.

Apparently they think it wasn't grassroots activism, but the work of one man.
2. Let's be clear, anyone working to GOTV is to be thanked and we're sure Norcross' efforts did help the cause. But we have a bone to pick with the idea that it was all him.
3. For those who didn't know, this past summer @Action2getherNJ organized a huge vote-by-mail push in NJ. Our executive director @WinnKhuong came up with the idea and one of our volunteers Quit. His. Job. to work on putting together a database of voters for us to use.
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20 Jun 18
The #babyjails are bad. It's really bad. We know how overwhelming this all is, watching what Trump and the Republicans are doing to purposely hurt these children, our country - the world. But we can't give up. We have to continue to #resist.…
If you can do nothing else, then just get the word out. Peer pressure and public outcry WORK.

So, every horrible thing they do or say, call them out.

Every protest or vigil in response, retweet it and share it widely.…
The next easiest thing to do is call congress. Daily.

(202) 224-3121

Tell Senators to support bill s.3036 the #KeepFamiliesTogetherAct

Tell House Reps to support H.R.6135

If they support these already or not. CALL.…
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