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#EyesOpenFolks - The World is Changing - There's a Storm Coming - #ThankYouForYourService
8 Jun 20
#KamalaHarris is a Lying Whore


She does NOT work for the American People

She does NOT work for Black Americans

She does NOT work for White Americans

She does NOT work for ANY Americans

She is OWNED by the Democrat Corruption Network and likely to be the VP pick with the ChiCom's #SleepyJoe
The #LiberalMedia are the Enemy of the American People

And Civilized People All Around the World

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7 Jun 20
Who are these people?

And who are they really?

And who controls their Strings?

One by One the American People are Starting to Wake-up to How the Game is Played and Who was Fucking them for DECADES

New Hampshire
Rhode Island



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3 Mar 20
Point to Point Private Jet Market

Post #WuhanCoronaVirus

1st Class does NOT provide protection from Viral Spread

Small Business Planes Limit the Group Size

#HondaJet "Elite"…
Airport Screening can be an Additional Layer of Defense

but once there is Evidence of Local Transmission with this new Virus we need to have a Low Threshold for Shutting Down the Flights

Italy should be shutdown

Inviting new Seeds in is Risky

#Italy is dialing up #SocialDistancing measures to Slow the Spread and Buy Time

#Seattle / #Washington area and #NorthernCalifornia likely should do the same right now.

Acting EARLY amplifies the benefits of the counter-measures

Buying Time is the Game

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21 Dec 19
The Coup in Kiev, Ukraine was seen as a Strategic Move against Russia after the #Snowden Op

#Soros Networks Active in Eastern Europe and #Ukraine

"Send lawyers, guns, and money"…
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17 Dec 19
“The #HolySee has known for centuries that #Catholic priests were using their positions and roles in Catholic parishes and schools to sexually molest children,”


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14 Dec 19
Q: What type of Evil Fucks would use a young Teen Actor to push a Radical Liberal Agenda?

And who would do it knowing the girl is on the Autism Spectrum with possible Asperger's Dx?

Must be some seriously EVIL FUCKS

Oh... ->

#EyesOpenFolks Image
1) The Parents should be put in Prison

2) The Evil Networks that seek to Leverage her should be Water Boarded in GitMo till they DIE


3) The young girl should be placed in a Loving Home where she can learn, grow, and develop as a normal child
Oh look...

#MarcBenioff & #Obama

founder, chairman and co-CEO of #SalesForce

Acquired #Time… Image
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5 Dec 19

Q: How did you get the Job?

A: Well... I saw this Ad in the paper that read:

Cocaine-Addict Fuck-up with No Experience in the Energy Sector needed for Big Money, No Show Job.
Deep ties into the Democrat Corruption Networks a plus.

I said: "Shit. That's me" Image
Biden, Biden, Biden

#SleepyJoe had a Very Bad Day…

Ukrainian Employer of Joe Biden’s Son Hires a D.C. Lobbyist

Biden’s hiring coincided with the launch of a new effort to lobby members of Congress about the role of the company in Ukraine

$$$ Follow the Money $$$…
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18 Nov 19
The Liberal Media are the ENEMY of the American People

#MockingBirdMedia Games

(there will be more) Image

Trump vs #LiberalMedia

"The Liberal Media are the Enemy of the American People"

Florida + North Carolina + Georgia + Virginia + Tennessee

Pennsylvania + Ohio + Michigan + Missouri + Indiana + Wisconsin + Minnesota


Arizona + Colorado + Nevada
Brief the Target of the Foreign Espionage Activity…
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6 Nov 19

Epstein, Epstein, Epstein

Q: How many ABC News Vans have been parked outside Charlie Crist's house waiting to get that Epstein Interview?

- Asking for a Friend

Florida AG -> Florida Governor ImageImage

Disney's Bob Iger pays ABC's #Stephanopoulos Millions to Lie to the American People and Protect the Democrat Party

Who is the real George Stephanopoulos?
What did he know?
And when did he know it?

Where are the Missing Wedding Emails?

And who is that lady at Chelsea's Wedding?

hmmm... Image
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5 Nov 19

Above Ground


Under Ground Image
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31 Oct 19

It is almost as if the Democrat Party is a Trans-National Criminal Organization with Strategic Control of Key Media, Finance, and Legal Networks

#DeepStateCoup Part 2…
The #LiberalMedia are the Enemy of the American People Image
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19 Aug 19
"The Mouse is Toxic"
China, China, China

#Disney & China


the expansion of the company's theme park resorts in East Asia, with the introduction of #HongKong Disneyland (2005) and #Shanghai Disney (2016)
Q: What is the name of #BobIger's son?


Epstein, Epstein, Epstein

Epstein-Maxwell-Wexner Influence Op
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31 Oct 18

#Quantum Generative Adversarial Networks



Discriminator DLNN
Generator DLNN
Jenson-Shannon Divergence
Convex Optimization ?



Quantum generative adversarial learning

#SethLloyd & #ChristianWeedbrook

when the data consists of samples of measurements made on high-dimensional spaces, quantum adversarial networks may exhibit an exponential advantage over classical adversarial networks
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