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6 Apr 20
Ahmad, a commander of NDS special forces, who led the operation to arrest #AslamFarooqi, the leader of the #Khorasan branch of #ISIS, said the operation was the most complex and precise operation he had carried out in his seven years of duty. #Afghanistan
“Our operation lasted 6 days & nights, & we carried out 12 operations slowly because they (enemies) had moved to civilian areas,” Ahmad said.
He said that during operation in #Kandahar they were closer to #AslamFarooqi & that they would reach him if they proceeded cautiously.
“An operation was carried out in 4 or 5 parts of the city & Farooqi was in one of the districts when we arrested him,” Ahmad added.
Abdullah Orakzai, also known as #AslamFarooqi, was a resident of Akhondzadagan village of Orakzai agency, located in the tribal areas of #Pakistan.
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