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وإنْ بابُ أمرٍ، عليكَ التَوَى ... فشاوِرْ لبيباً، ولاتَعْصِهِ وذو الحقّ لا تَنْتَقِصْ حَقَّهُ ... فإنَّ القَطِيعَةَ في نَقْصِهِ
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Responding to the self righteous pretentious @Alminhaji he was asked about marital rape and in typical American fashion he tried to dodge the question but we aren't stupid to not see what's really going on so let us look at the games of this thing. Lets look at its answer Image Initially it claims that if there is a case where spouses aren't fulfilling rights then a judge can step in, the obvious issue here is that a man has the right to his wifes body, so if a wife is saying no to sex she is not fulfilling a right.
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Since he didn't object to slavery, child marriage, and marrying multiple women, I assume he agrees with that. So his objection is to marital rape, and that shall be discussed if Allah Wills.

Firstly I don't really get the value of the quote attributed to Malik, the issue of separation for harm is an issue of fiqh that isn't directly related to this discussion. None the less its important to note that separation based on harm is not something the jurists agree on, lets look at the very link he sent, please look at the highlighted part
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🧵Removing the difficulty in desiring young virgin girls 🧵

Some people have started blaming men for wanting young virgin girls, they use insulting terms and make it out as if this desire is a bad thing. So what is the truth in this affair? Is it bad? Or is it normal? As a matter of principle if there is no proof establishing blame for an act then the act is not to be blamed. So we do not blame people for preferences unless those preferences are blamed by the religion, like a man desiring a man, this is blameworthy. However even in blameworthy
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This is an interesting accusation and its really silly but to be fair to Grace, the fact that Nuh Keller didn't translate it does make it dubious. So what's the deal? The issue here has to do with stoning, a person is only stoned if they had a valid marriage and had sex in that marriage, by sex we mean vaginal sex. So if someone at some point in their life had a valid marriage and had proper sex in that marriage, then at some point did zina (even if the previous mentioned marriage came to an end) they would be stoned. But if someone didn't have a valid
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I have made a list of questions by which you can test the adherence of a person to Islam. These are not the only questions, but these are questions that contradict modern morality. A serious Muslim would never marry anyone who fails this test. If they answer no then know that they are guilty of disbelief, if they are not ignorant then they are a disbeliever. You should inform them of the correct view, should they continue to answer no then you know that they are not an orthodox Muslim.
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Replying to the nonsense of Hamza Yusuf and Bin Bayyah.

Please find attached a video of Hamza Yusuf, please watch this video.

According to Hamza, Bin Bayyah says that there was a debate about offensive jihad, this is a half truth. The early difference of opinion was regarding Whether offensive jihad was obligatory or not, it wasn't regarding whether it was permissible or not. The view of all 4 schools is that it's obligatory, the other views (that it's not obligatory) was rejected due to it being of weaker strength. To pretend that the debate was over
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I won't lie, I did find this thread entertaining. But now to respond. The issue he has is that I have no formal ijaza, this is his issue and this is a common issue people who themselves have no ijaza and haven't studied like to bring up. Just so everyone knows the ijza system itself is not something initiated by the Prophet ﷺ but a latter thing intended as a safe guarding measure. Those who advocate the system try arguing from narrations where the Prophet ﷺ approves of the fatwa giving of some companions, however this doesn't establish the whole
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Zaid Shakir (@ImamZaidShakir) vs Islam. 🧵 Please find attached an image of a recent post from one of the imams of misguidance in California. I have highlighted relevant aspects. He has issue with domestic violence, and no doubt some domestic violence is haram but other forms are halal, like lightly striking your wife to Image
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I don't usually do this but a certain pretentious kid has annoyed me so lets expose the game to everyone. @theultrastrange seems pretty upset that I don't have formal ijaza (I do technically have ijaza in books of hadith I haven't even studied, but that's a separate issue) These type of people, we all know them, they are angry at us and insist its because we have no formal ijaza. They won't really refute us, well they might try to call us out on a technicality, but besides that its nothing but "where is your teachers heheh". So I thought it would Image
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Thread on Taqi Usmani 🧵 Taqi Usmani is a deobandi scholar, rather it could be said their most influential scholar today but also he seems to be the go to scholar for a certain reformist bint. But lets take a closer look at this Taqi Usmani guy, is he really a great scholar or yet another sell out?
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Problem with this is allegations of rape do indeed require 4 witnesses according to sunni Islam, except in the maliki madhab, but the maliki madhab would not accept an allegations years after the supposed event. This is a recurring theme, ignorant Muslims attack leaders of other sects or outright kuffar, based on things that could be used against them. So you will get Muslims who try arguing against Judaism based on the Talmud allowing child marriage, but Islam itself allows child marriage. They'll attack Khomeini for his fatwa on deriving sexual
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Replying to the misguided Asrar Rashid. In the attached video he tries to distort what jihad is. According to him jihad is a response to hiraba or war mongering, and offensive jihad was really just preemptive jihad. The problem with this understanding is it flies in open Contradiction with the Quran and Sunnah, as well as the practice of the Muslims for 1400 years. When you read the latter ayat on jihad they very clearly link kufr to the reason for fighting. Let's look at 9:29, there is no way you can read this Aya and say "yes this is about
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Warning regarding @MMetaphysician (Jake). Jake is part of the whole dawah clique and in this thread I will reveal a conversation I had with him. Note, he was made aware action would be taken against him in the messages. This is not a thorough thread, just a brief warning. Before getting into the messages, let us familiarize ourselves with the context. Some days ago I made a thread regarding a zindiq who happens to be an associate of Jake's. Please find that thread attached to this tweet.

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Mahr prices as a function of supply and demand. Thread 🧵 In accordance with Islamic law marriages must have a mahr, this mahr has no upper limit although it does have a lower limit according to some of the schools. The price therefore is not fixed. Much talk has gone into what is a fair mahr value and what isn't, but
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I am often asked to read nonsense from Yaqeen institute, and I could tear apart their articles with ease, but people don't have good attention spans so I will limit myself to the abstract. @JonathanACBrown come listen and invite the stooge Asadullah Ali. 🧵 I have highlighted relevant statements, please see attached image.

"Muslims are accused of following the example of a man who had inappropriate relations with a 9-year-old girl." What is appropriate or inappropriate is subject to the moral outlook of an individual. The very
Dec 22, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read
Thread regarding the blasphemous statements of @_Khalilallah_

Please watch the attached video in full.

In this video this individual makes the claim that the marriage of the Prophet ﷺ to Aisha was disgusting, although not disgusting to the people of that time. So he is saying, yes it's disgusting but the Sahaba and prophet ﷺ didn't know any better so engaged in this disgusting action so are excused. This position of his is truly disgusting. There is nothing disgusting about the actions of the prophet ﷺ!

He further makes it clear
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Thread on morality 🧵 Morality is a belief, there is no objective way to say something is right or wrong outside of religion. You think its wrong to kill? Why? Maybe someone else thinks its right, so why should your opinion matter more than theirs? Perhaps you can argue from pragmatism but that
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The way they deform the religion🧵 There exists amongst our ranks a people bent on dismantling our religion, they pretend to be with us, call themselves sunni, traditionalists, but they are not from us. These people, they play a game its a subtle game but a game it is. You see them try to introduce nuance where
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Responding to @subboor18 and @smile2jannah shameful attempt at distorting Islam.

In the following video Subboor essentially argues that the reason the Muslims fought the kuffar was because there was no alternative, but is this true? Is this an accurate description of history? The answer is no. Just look at history, did the Persians or byzantines ever make an attempt to conquer the hijaz? Yet suddenly they wanted to just before Muslims decided to attack them? Come on this is sounding ridiculous. But we don't even have to speculate, we can read what
Dec 17, 2021 8 tweets 2 min read
I really don't like Muslim organizations making an issue out of this. UK Muslims, please, don't you understand the game? People like @RobertJenrick are useful idiots. He is working for our strategic interests, maybe not intentionally, but hey that doesn't matter. I am an expert on the west, trust me when I say the west is killing itself. We create a problem, manufacture a solution and let useful idiots take the credit. Just think about what Robert is saying, he's saying he wants to stop British citizens from opposing a foreign nation, as
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Law of the land; a brief critique. 🧵 For several decades, we have heard time and time again that Islam commands obedience to the law of the land but how true is this claim? As far as I am concerned the claim is utter garbage spewed by mental midgets who disregard the revealed law to be accepted by the heathens.