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9 Apr
@DEV0URMOUS @sinfuldryad Yeah, okay, let me break this down for you. (I'm also a former mental health professional of many years who still does professional counseling. Because you're *both* sorta right, just missing the nuance of what each other are saying. I'm going to synthesize here. 😊
@DEV0URMOUS @sinfuldryad So, when speaking for others, only ever use words they have given you permission to say. For sex workers, if we don't know each other, we go to key words in links, pin tweets, bio, and like recent tweets, maybe search the media tab to find personal brand markers easily, right?
@DEV0URMOUS @sinfuldryad My general principle, is that if a word is used with respect, does not imply intimacy, conforms to the key words I found, and does not assume any information that is not given without explicit consent to share, preferably written, that ask can be made on tl or maybe in dms.
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8 Apr
I think I understand the message I guess. Who I am is a threat to the current needs of people who need help more than me because it diverts a narrative from ppl who are inherently more targeted than me. This means I should wait my turn and honestly I get it.
This isn't the moment for people who have my simple but seemingly hidden identity that doesn't exist except in terf fiction or "transgender madlibs" to borrow a phrase from a deleted tweet that I have screenshots of. I have like over 100 mutuals, I don't remember how many.
And going through that list, there are some of my favorite accounts. Some of you who *know* me and haven't connected me to this hypothetical that the discourse says is definitionally impossible but to me makes sense because I have been feeling this way since...
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8 Apr
you're right, men ARE men, regardless of if they have had or want surgery on their genitals, regardless of the configuration of those genitals! Same goes for women! Some ppl are neither men or women, and they don't need surgery if they don't want it either! Totally based! Thanks!
I'm so irrationally proud of catching an accidentally based in the wild! the same one from the OP too! Can I get a w in the chat and a rt to show favor to the algorithm? Only if you also find this based of course. (it's 5 am I'm nutrient deficient and really high so I larp a bit)
but like holy shit, the shitpost quality of this one. I'm making the screenshot my pin tweet until I stop being proud or something more important comes up. It perfectly encapsulates the shitpost in that it is both *entirely* sarcastic AND *entirely* genuine.
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8 Apr

Please do not attack anyone in this thread on my behalf, this QRT is to illustrate what I mean when I say a lot of vegan messaging is harmful. Followers may have noticed that I'm an (atypical) anorexic, and yet the moment I expressed good faith questions about...
messaging, not even what the message should be, just how it was presented. The OP took me in good faith, but another big vegan account decided to shame my food choices and tell me I was wrong about my health needs. I have other vegan accounts attacking me, asking me to prove...
that I have reasons why I can't eliminate animal products. I have reasons, but I am not obligated to share my whole-ass medical history with strangers to prove that I am not a liar somehow. I went in to learn, they went in to prove me wrong.
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8 Apr
Hi, I'm Rowan. Used to be @RowanOak5 but I changed because I wanted a handle that said who I was. I'm an AnarchaDyke and apparently no one else had thought of that handle before? I haven't found the word used before, so I'm claiming myself the originator until proven wrong lmao.
But like, isn't anarchy about not having to fit into existing terms? Isn't being queer (in any way) about naming our own experiences? AnarchaDykeism is about the intersections of various identities and the ways they influence my own politics bc the personal is always political.
Sure it's also a personal brand, but like in a purely shitposting way, right? Like, anyone can take this label, I don't own it, and interpret it however you want to, I think it's self-explanatory to anyone who is also a dyke and an anarchist, but that's me. Terms are free use.
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8 Apr
The porn to trans pipeline isn't like a thing when cis people say it obviously. Porn doesn't turn people trans. Obviously.


I have personally helped at least 5 former "cis men" find themselves as femmes and enbies of various identities.
They were just "so comfortable in their own masculinity as to not mind that I was referring to them in feminine terms"

and then "oh wait I really like being called those words"

and then "oh wait I want to watch all your porn where you talk to me like a girl"
The final step goes many ways and I'm oversimplifying this because of twitter, right? But essentially "hey rowan I updated my pronouns, can we go shopping?"

I have never marketed my porn for femmes at masc people. I do not seek to "convert" like the cis claim happens.
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7 Apr
Oh hey, I AM a gutter whore, so like, while I'm not saying trans people have to be, there's a certain aspect to which TERF and SWERF overlap for a reason, and people who call other people whores, knowing that trans ppl are disproportionately represented in SW, like ughhh.
We get overrepresented because of any number number of reasons related to the dehumanization, fetishization, systemic poverty, and like literally every other intersection between reasons to be a sex worker whether we want to or not. Meanwhile, adult media and sex helped...
many of us realize what we did and didn't want out of our bodies and I have personally witnessed this happen, this happened to me. I don't have spoons to elaborate here, this is not a fully-fleshed out thread, but like, this harms us all so fucking much.
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