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22 Feb
🌊#WaterSigns #WaterSign #Cancer #Scorpio #Pisces

It’s going to be a bit rough for the water collective . While I do see the ending of hardships and difficult times I also see a great love opportunity that is going to present itself to you. The thing is that the collective
I’m connecting with may or may not be ready to accept it. It’s not uncommon nor is it bad to still feel the affects of past relationships. It’s human for us to feel pain connected to someone we once loved. However when water signs love it is an especially strong bond and when
that bond is severed ( for what ever reason ) it may take water signs a bit of time to really process and move forward. I will always support and encourage people to take the time they need to heal. The cards are showing that while you are in your healing time a love
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22 Feb
🌬#AirSigns #AirSign #Geminj #Libra #Aquarius

As we approach the tail end of mercury retrograde air signs have being working on and successfully closing out cycles, ending karmic relationships and taking one last look back in regards to how things have been and how you will be
moving forward. During this shadow period of the retrograde there will still be a sting connected to letting certain things go. I can see and feel that Air signs realize it’s for their own personal growth. The collective is moving into Emperor energy and letting their power,
their strength and assuredness radiate from them like rays from the sun. I realize that is a slightly cliché way of putting it but there isn’t another way I see it. You coming out of SO much karmic energy and cycles is almost emotional for myself
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22 Feb
🌿#EarthSigns #EarthSign #Taurus #Virgo #Capricorn .

All I see is opportunities for abundance , success and a confident energy that is growing within you this week, earth signs. Everything that you have been putting effort into is paying off. If it is in your career, coworkers
upper level management and human resources are noticing your skill and your propensity to consistently produce results. If this has to do with love for you, the object of your affection has heart-eyes for you as earth energy signs are exuding a level of confidence and
steadfastness that is attractive to quite literally everyone. If I’m being honest the energy that I feel with the earth collective this week is one of: how do you want to succeed? Where do you want to succeed? You’re in a special position to
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22 Jan
🌿#EarthSigns #Taurus #Virgo #Capricorn .
Looks like you all have been really manifesting big-time. It seems the collective that I’m tapping into are focusing on bringing in a very stable solid love opportunity. Which I do see on the horizon.
I also can see in your reading that you all are fighting some level of insecurity or self-worth issue , but you’re winning. You’re looking behind at whatever issues you may have and you’re saying “nah, you’re not killing’ my vibe.
You’re not going to stop me from bringing in what Im manifesting” and the universe hears that. The universe sees that and is bringing to that good good stuff. Ask and you shall receive. When you’re grateful for the things that you have, when you can see what areas that you
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